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Benefit is new " multi-outlet control valve " take military uniform place most a
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Water treatment multi-outlet control valve is the essential core control element in system of advanced water treatment, main effect is the inverting implementation that adopts convection system to second birth of the resinous inside bate canister, assure the result of water treatment thereby. User but the basis needs set each parameter, system according to parameter full automatic periodic loop carries out whole process.

It is reported, this new technology creates limited company by new machine of embellish of lukewarm state city own research and development is successful, was maintained to be provincial new product by hall of Zhejiang province science and technology in January 2006. After this product puts in the market, improve for many times through the company, broke the market monopoly of foreign product, intense echo was caused inside course of study.

Market chance brings business chance

2003, when embellish new company is recieving cooperative client introduction to develop new product, valve of form a complete set of water treatment system caused company attention. Water treatment is in development phase in our country, the development of banked direction control valves of component of its core control is very backward however; And a powerful person of control of the water treatment before this all is foreign product, the price is high, the service also does not follow to go up, was not popularized generally to apply.

Embellish new company passes survey of much square market, think this product has tremendous market potential. According to the statistic of qualitative check branch at that time, many 10 thousand boiler of lukewarm city district, only many 200 installed water treatment device. And as people health, environmental protection, energy-saving consciousness rise, if water treatment device is installed on boiler, will improve boiler efficiency greatly, managing more the sources of energy.

Get international patent successfully

In September 2003, benefit is new system of the first water treatment moves banked direction control valves to come out with the hand, get job quickly inside approbate reach praise highly. Embellish new valve enters water treatment plant after most advanced domain, discover the product blank spot in respect of valve of form a complete set is very much, be in especially full automatic respect of bate a powerful person uses abroad to import a product all the time, domestic water treatment group to homebred full automatic the voice of water treatment valve is louder and louder. 2005, embellish new company uses the technical dominant position of oneself, own research and development home the first full automatic water treatment system is used muti_function control a powerful person, product structure and foreign product are disparate, and the price also compares 1/2 of ~ of foreign product low 1/3, obtained international successfully patent retrieval and announcement, be waited for by the United States, Japan, European Union at the same time allow accepts the nation.
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