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Jia Shanyin weather strip factory
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Jia Shanyin weather strip factory (former Jia Shanheng opens weather strip plant) be located in Hang Jiahu Campagna, east adjacent Shanghai, bay of Na Linhang city. Communication is easy, climate is delightful, it is the manufacturer that a major produces mechanical weather strip. The factory serves kind with excellent facilities, abundant technology, scientific management, reasonable price, first-rate, offer all-around demand to assure for broad client. Product breed is various, norms is all ready, quality is excellent, the product is popular home, sell as far as to abroad.
Main product has the pump of all sorts of model to use, reaction boiler, axle sleeve, get together ripple of 4 fluorine ethylene is in charge of, grind pair of mechanical weather strip that uses hard alloy and carborundum and other data, my factory is returned but according to client demand, design and use reasonable mechanical weather strip, the successful already entrance that is a few enterprises is sealed came true homebred change.
My factory " scrupulously abide by quality the first, the client is consummate; Seek quality benefit, high grade get victory " quality guiding principle, the product gets client credit greatly, welcome bearer incoming telegram to negotiate wholeheartedly business.
Jia Shanyin weather strip factory
Mr Qiu Jirong (company director)
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Postcode: 314100
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