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Wo Erma " order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large " problem pressure-
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Ten on goods shelves " Dong Ding " gas pressure-relief valve, do not have sealing ring have 7 unexpectedly. In the past inside January, branch of highway of Zhongshan of fertile Er Ma already work off the pressure-relief valve of this brand 16.

Close paragraph of customer that time buys problem pressure-relief valve in Woerma, the pressure-relief valve that examines him home rapidly please is flat.

Yesterday, xiang Chen of gentleman of cropland of fuzz of bureau of city fire control signs up for report, 12 days, he bought in branch of highway of Zhongshan of fertile Er Ma " Dong Ding " the card is gas pressure-relief valve. When installation is used, smell apparent coal odour, hear flat squeak. Check discovery, place of pressure-relief valve interface does not have sealing ring. When he looks for a businessman to return money, discover however, the pressure-relief valve of sealing ring still is had on goods shelves.

Yesterday midday, the reporter comes to this inn along with cropland gentleman, discovery places on goods shelves 10 many " Dong Ding " in card pressure-relief valve, among them 7 do not have sealing ring.

The unified and industrial and commercial place that arrives subsequently executes the law personnel makes this inn removes 7 problems pressure-relief valve ark. According to this inn one poplar surname a staff member to say, inside a month, this inn in all work off " Dong Ding " card pressure-relief valve 16.

Wang Wei of director of district of Hubei of ministry of work of Wo Erma firm is analysed, the sealing ring in these pressure-relief valve may be taken away by a few clients. He expresses, if the client has bought pressure-relief valve in this inn, should check rapidly have without sealing ring, if do not have, can return money to this inn with shopping bill by objective or two week hind get sealing ring to this inn.

City lights a canal to do a staff member to say, gas pressure-relief valve must be used with sealing ring form a complete set.

(Come from: Wuhan morning paper)