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People electric equipment is selected " exploit enterprise "
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This group implements the strategic idea that implements science to develop view and compose to build harmonious society seriously, in group president Zheng Yuanbao guide below, enterprising of faculty acute meaning, steady work, company comprehensive strength gets farther promotion. According to statistic, group total production value broke through 14.5 billion yuan 2006, in the brand the domain such as innovation of construction, technology, self-supporting exit obtained arrogant person outstanding achievement. This year, management situation continues to value.
Afterwards is picked after taking laurel of Chinese well-known logo, "People " force is achieved brilliant, obtain product of Chinese famous brand, country to avoid the multinomial honor such as product of check product, Zhejiang famous brand again, jump course of study of state-owend enterprise of be placed in the middle enterprise of civilian battalion of 500 strong, China 500 strong front row. Commend in what happy recently clear municipal government holds on the meeting, this group one batch " exploit enterprise " the award that wins 200 thousand yuan each. Will be in exit of innovation of structural adjustment, system, technology innovation, foreign trade, enterprise to appear on the market henceforth wait for a respect to enjoy favourable policy.