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Sichuan saves endowment this world to carry greatly plastic machinery plant
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My factory is to abandon old plastic model to turn the chance that build bead (useless old plastic reclaim second birth machine) professional production company, passing ISO9001 - attestation of system of 2000 quality management, it is straightforward production manufacturer. Technology is advanced, honest manufacturer, only the technology uses an industry to precede in useless old plastic second birth, product quality exceeds a country newest standard, do one's best makes useless old plastic model change second birth to build bead machinery name to taste. The "DY that my factory major produces abandons old plastic model to turn the machine that build bead and equipment of form a complete set " be to press actual belt water to produce check and ratify, and this opportunity is real yield is even high. We devote oneself to " sincere letter is this, quality is first " principle, say less to work more, with client of redound of high grade product. Buy machine of great fortune model, investment is at ease get rich. Useless old use, great fortune enrichs the people. This factory produces " DY carries greatly " useless old plastic the machine that build bead 80 model / 90 model / 100 model / 120 model / 180 model / 200 model (lunar output from 8 tons - 200 tons) 4 old series 33 kinds of type. Characteristic: 1, this machine is double screw the 4th acting coal (gas) report is amphibious abandon old plastic the machine that build bead. 2, but model changes the polyethylene that build bead (PE) , polypropylene (PP) , polystyrene (PS) , pvc (PVC) , ABS. 3, deserve to have dehydration unit in lead plane, can machine directly take water to abandon old plastic. 4, useless old textile bag does not need take out stitches, need not cut a margin, need not shiver, can put the production inside lead plane directly. 5, lead plane configuration has microcomputer to accuse ark oneself completely, the operation is handy, performance is steady. 6, specific power consumption is low, energy-saving effect is distinct, power consumption charge 200 yuan / ton (plane of coal, air 100 yuan / ton) the left and right sides. 7, can configure change net nose automatically. 8, DY abandons old plastic foam to build price of bead machine sex to compare remarkable.
Means: Factory price is sold, set form a complete set, free check, groom freely, offer a product freely to sell information and reclaim, praepostor is produced, keep a product. According to the client the demand comes freely to install debug, do sth for sb carry.
The useless old plastic second birth that this factory produces makes product of bead machine series, already applied countrywide each district to abandon old plastic reclaim use a field, gained distinct socioeconomy benefit. All product quality supervises bureau sampling observation eligible, be maintained to be " national quality detects eligible product " , obtain attestation of international quality technology, applied property right protection. Take a skill banner, sincere letter is this, the spirit of quality get victory, my factory abandons old plastic second birth to build the foundation of a machine to go up in common double screw, develop an adaptability in succession demand of stronger, technology is higher increase model (order do 180 model, 200 model) the machine that build bead; Type of double screw whole creates an opportunity; 2, 3 fission create an opportunity; Much fission double create an opportunity for expecting (group) ; Machine of second birth of useless old plastic foam (lunar output 40-180 ton) wait for many breed, equipment all realized section automatic, digitlization accuses lukewarm. Equipment of corresponding form a complete set has crusher of cleaning machine, crusher, broken cleaning machine, bubble, swing be defeated dry machine, automatically (send) makings machine, product line group is covered, pull filar pelleter automatically to wait for more than 10 kinds, the high grade, high yield that can satisfy a family adequately to do factory, dimensions to change the complete mechanization that builds factory and useless old plastic and comprehensive processing system, automation, automation line to work, energy-saving requirement, equipment technology advanced, quality excellent, type all ready, industry is banner, the product is popular in countrywide each district and exit inferior each country, get user reputably!  
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