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Day horse share or will buy neat heavy numerical control
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Industry of numerical control machine tool year all grow even more 50% into investment heat

Day horse share and the relation that weigh numerical control together are, former one of users that are latter, if day horse share can be combined with neat heavy numerical control, will have certain effect to the acquisition of upriver product resource so

The boom of machine tool industry develops, make of all kinds investment even more intense to its contention. Afterwards Shenyang machine tool (26.81, 0.11, after 0.41%) group plans to introduce strategic investor, personage of know the inside story yesterday to " daily of the first finance and economics " divulge, inc. of bearing of Zhejiang day horse (next weighing " day horse share " , 002122.SZ) hopeful buys the machine tool manufacturer that is located in Heilongjiang to weigh Inc. of numerical control equipment together (next weighing " Qi Chong numerical control " ) .

" daily of the first finance and economics " when Ma Quanfa of Dong Bi of Xiang Tianma share seeks testimony, he says: "Cannot say everything external at present. " an administrative public figure that approachs a high level represents heavy numerical control of the Fang Qi that be bought, had not heard of.

Nevertheless, the reporter understands, both sides is in really contact. On August 16, because day horse share is discussing major item to begin to stop a card. When price of weather firm closing quotation 87.76 yuan / , go up 1.41 % . Yesterday, ma Quanfa expresses to the reporter in the phone, at present inconvenience discloses the detailed content of major item. If the message can issue announcement, time stopping a card needs 2 weeks about.

The reporter investigates discovery, be in early day horse share weighed numerical control to cast with respect to Xiang Qi 2005 had given olive branch, "But at that time because of a variety of reasons, buy did not succeed. " afore-mentioned interior government public figures disclose day horse share.

Day horse share just will land the platelet in reaching place greatly this year in March, main product is general bearing and lorry bearing, industry of downstream lead plane includes the train, car, shipping, metallurgy mine, machine tool, electric machinery, agricultural machinery and project machine. The growing ability of this company is valued by industry. Golden negotiable securities points out the country, day horse share already became the bibcock company with the strongest actual strength of this fractionize market, its rise to one current by last 5 years ago in rank of the industry in railroad bearing market.

At present bearing industry has 2000 production company about, among them company of dimensions above production amounts to 927, industry competition environment is very harsh, axis of the axis that divide tile, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces and the comprehensive strength of company of a few a few large and state-owned bearing such as haing axis are stronger outside, most enterprise chooses to form opposite competition advantage in fractionize industry, if produce the dragon brook share of articulatory bearing (22.31, 0.79, the assist in relief bearing of bearing of car of 3.67%) , production (8.33, 0.15, 1.83%) .
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