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County of celestial being house gets together the source is rubber-plastic equip
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County of celestial being house gets together the source is rubber-plastic equipment production limited company is home basically is engaged in rubber-plastic and mechanical products plan and production professional manufacturer. Calendar year will develop ceaselessly as market economy, the integrated ability of the enterprise is strengthened ceaselessly, sale of grade of technology of manufacturing operation, product, market grew extent to obtain apparent progress.
The user of our company pervades countrywide each district, all ready and excellent production facilities, rich production experience, powerful technical development team, complete detect the quality of method, on the safe side assures, it is the power that our company expands continuously. Add fast and excellent after service, for us the enterprise had the market to offer strong assurance further.
Company dominant product has:
One, balata extruder: Heat of series having XJ feeds series of makings extruder, XJW cold feed series of makings extruder, XJP to discharge series of extruder of pin of series of steam extruder, XJD, XJF compound extruder and machine of glue of filter of XJL series balata, norms from Φ 250mm of 45 ~ Φ (screw diameter) , screw long way is compared from 4:1~ 22:1. What basically be used at all sorts of rubber products semi-finished products is crowded piece, if squeeze the bag glue of a glue canal, film, inner tube, tread, electrical wiring, cable,reach balata impurity filter etc.
2, product line assists device: Hold  still dash forward └ of model of ㄋ of  ⑷  spring small box  punishs post Nao ㄐ of ⒍ of  of small box of Fu of ⒋ of  of ignoranting Zhun of ⒋ of  of  of R of far  of Hui of clear of  of Jie of  of ⒉ of ⑽ of Huan of aluminous Jie  dash forward げ of ǔ of  ⒆ far  ?0 of small box  ; Full automatic flocking product line.
Our company take quality the first, the client's consummate company belief, have something made to order personally for broad client quantity heart and soul all sorts of excellent facilities.
It is certain to believe genuine, fast, efficient service the support that can win broad new old client and reliance. The company faces the market with intense with each passing day future to compete, "Get together source " the person is reasonable, do not enter retreat, changeless a discard; We are in take seriously enterprise interior management and market also are paid attention to very while the technology is developed of sincere letter mechanism build, in order to ensure each our job makes a client satisfactory; Ensure each product that leave factory can win the client's reliance!
After believing a few years, in Changjiang Delta bethel -- get together the has domestic banner level rubber device production that the source takes shape creates base will volant fly.
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