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Denver this strengthen pair of Hua Chengnuo to add endowment buy outright a join
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Through the constructive negotiation with local government, denver this signed buy outright its to dominate a powerful person or family in saddle Shan Zhongdan the agreement of limited company. The red in saddle hill dominates a powerful person or family limited company basically is the research and development that offers product of area heat addition in the light of Chinese market and manufacturing center. Come from 2000, this company is Denver all the time this with saddle hill Inc. of group of automata instrument appearance is held jointly joint ventures. Begin from 2003, denver this hold joint ventures the share of 75% , according to the new agreement August 2007, the equity of 25% will transfer the rest Denver this. New agreement hopeful gets inside 3 months the country concerns sectional approval.

Still included in the agreement the factory migratory the amounts to bay industrial district new site near. Denver this had obtained 20, the access of land of 000 square metre, cover an area of 11, the new plant of 500 square metre will build on this land, estimation is new factory general at formal in November 2008 complete.

"The cooperation that we follow saddle country square government is very cheerful, this also will begin our career to provide a very good platform in this area henceforth for us. As the total equity that masters a factory, our business also entered a new level, more investment will strengthen us the acceptance to China. " Denver this Chinese president Bao Ersen expresses.

The factory of saddle hill already had many 100 stuff now, denver this expectation will expand considerably in dimensions of factory of the coming year.

"We hope the turnover of the factory can increase this year 50% . Chinese market has very big demand to the product of area heat addition of high quality, meanwhile the crop of manually operated valve that our saddle mountain factory uses at exit also mushroom " , controller of saddle mountain factory, Denver this Ai Di of vice-president of area heat addition (AtliBenonysson) explains.

Denver this it is one of industrial groups with the biggest Denmark, year turnover 3 billion dollar, many 20 thousand stuff is had in the whole world. Denver this it is global transnational corporation, 100 many production and sale orgnaization are set in the whole world. Denver this research, development and the machine that production uses at different domain and electron yuan parts of an apparatus, be in world banner standing.

Denver this the development that devotes oneself to for a long time to be in China, devote oneself to to raise the sources of energy to use efficiency, to can last of Chinese economy development contributes force. Denver this was in Hong Kong, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Qingdao, Shenyang and Guangzhou to establish subsidiary and branch early or late, in Tianjin Wuqing built main production base, the sea salt that is in the saddle hill of Liaoning and Zhejiang and Hangzhou are built have a manufacturer. Denver this China has 2100 stuff, year turnover 2 billion yuan. Denver this obtained ISO9000 quality to manage systematic level attestation and ISO14001 environment to manage systematic level attestation, in China the product of production and sale accords with standard of international top quality.
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