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"Hunan army " machine of project of contend for hegemony instigates global strat
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(Sep 20 2007 09:17AM reads number: 10)     on September 12, "31 heavy industry " sign investment formally with American Georgia government the investment memorandum book that 60 million dollar builds project machine to create base. Project of this one investment will be become " 31 heavy industry " after afterwards India invests a project, the 2nd of construction abroad production base invests in abroad.

According to the agreement, "31 heavy industry " will be in of Georgia PeachtreeCity ask for the construction on the ground center of headquarters of 31 United States, research and development and production center, production sells 31 maturity, the project machine product that has stable quality and cost competition advantage, market of farther radiate Canada, Mexico, the yield that realizes 500 million dollar inside 5 years can.

"31 heavy industry " held water 1994, to at present development becomes the concrete machine with the oldest whole world to make machine of project of enterprise, whole world 100 strong, China have machine of 500 strong, China most enterprise of battalion of the own brand enterprise of growing force, China civilian innovates independently 50 strong... 13 years short, "31 heavy industry " from Hunan Province a mill of little known coolie course of study, development becomes the delegate with Chinese project high quality machine, nation company that can challenge international brand, already had 25 kinds big, the product of 120 kinds of norms, concrete carries pump, concrete to carry pump car and the product such as roller of vibration of complete hydraulic pressure to maintaining home market to have rate first place all the time, among them concrete pump sends the elephant of equipment and Germany and Shi Weiying one case, for the whole world 3 armour.

"Mechanical Hunan army " industry of machinery of project of contend for hegemony

"31 heavy industry " just " mechanical Hunan army " one of medium powerful force. Another powerful force is medium couplet heavy division, in addition still intelligence of the land of country waits new army. In project machine this group course of study, mixed last year this year two years, a series of " world head stage " , " China the first " come out in Changsha in succession, extended project machine not only space of Hunan army market, also fusion makes a new industrial a flight of stairs.

On the spot of the first bitumen road surface that uses sirocco circulation is hot second birth is integrated type answer mixes machine in in couplet heavy division gets offline, the mark is worn our country safeguards a domain to enter in bitumen road surface brand-new times; Couplet heavy division makes an our country in the biggest stimulate brace up force roller; Crane of pedrail of QUY600 of the biggest tonnage, break crane of pedrail of our country large hydraulic pressure to depend on the situation of the entrance completely; 31 march crane domain develops crane of 400 tons of pedrail, throw 900 tons of pedrail again at present condole crane is developed and seek obtains a breakthrough; Predestined relationship of way of world head stand washs a car growing come out; Car of 66 meters of pump is growing the first height of world be born; Planer of China's biggest cold mill of BG2100 road surface is in in production of development of couplet heavy division is successful; 31 use world initiate to complete development of bitumen mortar car without technology of bubble mortar patent; First special stock of our country carries pump to be in in couplet comes out; Couplet tower machine achieves product of individual event of domestic tower machine to export the largest sheet in; Couplet automobile crane achieves the new record that onefold breed, onefold type exports our country automobile crane in...
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