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Straight bearing divides factory and whole of car workpoint factory to incorpora
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Do consortium spirit according to breathing out axial general manager, deepen reform to get used to a company, advance cost cost to contract in the round the need that make, straight bearing divided factory and car workpoint factory to undertake whole is combined south, amalgamative hold water new south straight bearing distinguishs a works.

On August 31, straight bearing distinguishs a works south (note: Later development all points to after incorporating new south straight bearing distinguishs a works) held plenary meeting of diode manage cadre. On the meeting, prosperous of Bin of Hao of secretary of the factory director that distinguish a works, general Party branch divides the work to new team the circumstance did a specification, make known his position on behalf of new team: It is to support company reform to adjust a decision, get used to reform to change the need that the need that make and cost cost contract, continue this job to be begun deep; 2 it is two cent after the factory is amalgamative, new team shakes anything but accuse director, ceaseless and thorough basic level, a bowl of Shui Duanping, body reveals fair, just, open job principle; 3 it is two cent factory powerful powerful combination, should realize 1 + 1 be more than the target of 2.

Straight bearing divided a factory to put forward new overall job thinking south, namely: Refine management with essence of life, reduce cost to be the first important or urgent business, get used to economy to contract new condition. Emphasize from management concept " 3 turn " , " all around is circled " , namely: Production turns round the market, cent factory turns round production, complete member turn round benefit. Around adjust product structure, product Xiang Daxin transition, strive production value innovation is tall; Around improve product quality, abandon caustic index to dress to new standard, strive the class on the product; Around fall cost, management refines development to essence of life, pursuit benefit is the greatest change; Around strong quality, employee transforms to efficiency, enhance the competition ability that distinguish a works.

In the light of the center will work September, cent factory puts forward: It is to keep stable, leaders of all levels should stand fast respective working station, stress the ability that the cadre fights independently, value oneself door, had provided oneself person, had done oneself thing; 2 it is to maintain normal production, ensure worker material benefits; 3 be it is chance in order to have the honor to win certificate of national export exempt from examinations, development of activity of stimulative quality month is begun, contract to carry out cost cost tamp foundation.

Current, straight bearing divides stability of factory worker team south, work energetically do not decrease enthusiasticly, came true to transfer smoothly, broad cadre worker is producing enthusiasm to be thrown in will work September with huge.
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