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SMC: Pneumatic components to build a modern factory
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The summer of 1994, 43-year-old Beijing University of Technology professor Zhao Tong companies with well-known SMC pneumatic components plant in China's delegate, to set up near the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, his eyes is a piece of farmland, as well as the air wave white plastic bags. But in such conditions, where he set up factories in China SMC and SMC themselves in the position of general manager of China is 15 thousand years. "Finally done with foreign election manager of the Chinese people" In 1994, SMC Corporation of Japan decided to build a modern enterprise in China, and invited in Japan and obtained his Ph.D. degree in the SMC Tsukuba Technology Center, the company engaged in research work of Zhao Tong took the study site. ZHAO Tong While returning from Japan soon, but this time is the domestic air industry, the famous scholar, 38-year-old was promoted to university professor to an exception. This year's summer vacation, Zhao Tongnan under the north zone almost traveled around the country, he finally recommended Yizhuang. SMC has agreed to his proposal, President and concurrently general manager Zhao Tong Takada also invited, to build Chinese companies. From the industrial and commercial registration, location to buy land, staff recruitment started, ZHAO Tong is often busy in the zone during the day, evening and weekend and back to the University Research Office, to continue research and teaching. "Serious and basically no taxi was to stay, so I take a taxi from the city to Yizhuang, the first to the CMC team, with the captain of the team's horse that I come so I can take them after finishing the bus after the return City. " Development Zone is to support him, the CMC had the functions of a deputy director of the department head said, "finally have the foreign-owned enterprises elect us to do, general manager of the Chinese people, and we must help him to prove that we can developing the modern enterprise. " Recruitment of staff can not use the eyes of Professor ZHAO Tong initially considered themselves to be but "guest" about general manager, he still served as a professor at North University. When the SMC Chinese factories began streaming products for export, when ZHAO Tong deeply felt: "Entrepreneurs do more challenging," and this belief was put on him a hard way. Although it has been entrepreneur, ZHAO Tong teacher that his body is hard to change "brand." At first, he recruitment of staff, always concerned about the candidate's academic performance in school, like the teacher selected students, as selected outstanding achievements, and strong research and development. But it changed him, and a student academic excellence, research ability, but let his team with five research projects, he has not managed and coordinated teamwork. ZHAO Tong realize that in business, overall quality, team spirit and collaboration is particularly important in the modern enterprise. Do not lay off the face of the global financial crisis Today, SMC has four modern factories in China, and SMC was established in 2007, four global R & D center of the Air China Technology Center. Second half of 2008, by the international financial crisis, SMC sharp drop in China's overseas orders. The face of crisis, ZHAO Tong in November to all the employees for the "assurance" - no matter what changes the economic crisis, the company will not sacked an employee. ZHAO Tong said, lay not mean passively waiting, the difficulties of the enterprise he truthfully told the employees, the company set up financial crisis response committee, issued a series of measures to cut expenditure. ZHAO Tong also took the lead did not take the elevator. Zhao Tong said: "Every unit of electricity saving, saving every piece of paper, the cost of the company for the thrift, indeed drop in the bucket, but it is a can not lose the spirit of enterprise."