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Air of product line of modal analysis LSI pollutes sensor to grind
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Air of product line of modal analysis LSI pollutes sensor to grind
On September 29, 2006 origin: Company of day classics BP

Fuji connected institute development to succeed but circle of product line brilliant of modal analysis LSI carries container (FOUP) inside the sensor that air pollutes (news is released) . Henceforth, have the LSI product line that opens through Fuji effect test and verify.

Use with plate also can determine contaminant

The air contaminant that regards LSI as product line analyses a method, sampling method basically is used before this. But use this kind of method, the need when the analysis is spent for a long time, and cannot modal analysis, pollute a reason very hard certainly. And connect Fuji this grind the crystal hair of a development brace up sensor (quartz crystal small balance, QCM) match park FOUP inside, but the contaminant in modal analysis air, as soon as possible pollutes a reason certainly, facilitate take the way to deal with a situation. Also can put plate and sensor FOUP together, through X ray photoelectron prismatic law decides contaminant.

The working principle of QCM is crystal brace up child when exterior adsorption has material, oscillatory frequency can produce change. Only the minim material of adsorptive 0.5ng/cm2, oscillatory frequency can change 1Hz. The QCM of new development enters FOUP to put, undertook miniaturization is designed, in the meantime, used but bent wiring, need not start to talk on FOUP can insert interior.

The method that LSI product line uses generally is, raise the cleanness of clean room to spend not only, still brilliant circle airtight in the container such as FOUP, local raise the cleanness all round brilliant circle to spend.

Fuji connects an institute to will make a technology in the semiconductor that 25 ~ will hold 27 days in September relevant international conference " International Symposium On Semiconductor Manufacturing (ISSM) 2006 " on the positive result that publishs this.