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Versatile bearing firm finishs decathlon science and technology to tackle key pr
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Versatile bearing firm finishs decathlon science and technology to tackle key problem
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A few days ago, versatile bearing firm transmits a good news, the project of 10 science and technology such as innovation of conic bearing craft is finished tackle key problem, increased the automation that bearing equips effectively, improve manufacturing efficiency thereby, stimulative production develops quickly.

All the time since, versatile bearing firm insists to attach most importance to a dot with innovation of science and technology from beginning to end, produce the initiative of broad brainpower adequately, encourage them to take an active part in technical innovation. Come this year, the company collects project of innovation of science and technology extensively, so far already project approving 54, among them 6 are international project of major form a complete set, other tackles key problem 48 times for craft project. These promoted company international project of major form a complete set achieves major breakthrough continuously, and also increased equipment whole automation with lesser investment, reduce labor intensity.

In completing the project of 10 science and technology that tackle key problem this, "Machine craft to showing ferrule of bearing of biserial tapered roller to grind " improve, changed method of control raceway diameter, make close a rate relatively inferior, batch with batch between relative to stability poorer problem is able to improve, realized bearing of biserial tapered roller to add up to a successful rate to achieve 90 % above, craft stability rate achieves 95 % above, raised biserial bearing add up to a rate and its craft stability.

"Nitrogen of heat treatment carbon in all ooze project " tackle key problem, be after be produced in the experiment that experienced nearly 5 years, small lot and fumbling, the success of the hard-earned that just obtains. Improve through craft, fritter away the certain limitation of equipment of existing heat treatment, with one action improves the bearing material hardness, wearability, performance such as fatigue resistance, make bearing is in oil-lubricated below the circumstance with harsher environment, still can run normally, prolong service life. After undertaking contrasting experimenting, the service life that the product leaves in contaminative environment and international are famous bearing company product agrees basically, march for the enterprise thereby high-end market laid solid foundation. Meanwhile, the company declares " special heat treatment grows car gear-box bearing life technology " the project also is labelled Hangzhou city great science and technology innovated 2007 one of projects.

"Bevel of tool reference plane of seal ring of Kang Mai Er grinds craft with car generation " improve, moved grinding to realize automatic turning by the hand; "Craft of figuration of cut of line of treatment of conic ferrule car " improve, make ferrule car the exterior is beautiful, each pour horny appearance to achieve blueprint requirement, oil groove appearance realizes round glide to cross, because oil groove pointed horn causes rib to rupture,put an end to those who fall off is undesirable. In addition, such as " grind automatic fluctuation to expect involuntarily " , "Grinding machine of inner ring raceway is automatic go up makings craft " , "Dimension of outer lane raceway, differential seat angle, gradient measures new machine automatically " , "Assemble roller to clean craft " , "2 kinds of bearing grind treatment and ship-fitter art " , "Water pump bearing assembles product line automatically " wait for the development of the project or improve, also reduced labor intensity greatly, while promotion produces character to measure, improved manufacturing efficiency, promoted manufacturing development.
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