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Come out in Japan of the intelligent main shaft of a variety of sensor
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Of the intelligence of a variety of sensor main shaft comes out in Japan

Development of gram of campstool of Japanese hill Qi goes a kind " intelligent main shaft " , through a variety of sensor are being deployed on main shaft, undertake handling to sensor information through NC device, can wait to breakdown accomplish a nip in the bud. On November 1, 2006 ~ has 8 days at Tokyo bright the international exhibition center holds " machine tool of the 23rd Japan is exhibited (JIMTOF2006) " on undertook revealing. Exhibit main shaft monomer exhibited not only on the meeting, the intelligent main shaft that returns a top rotate speed to be 30 thousand Rpm assembles horizontal machining center (MC) " NEXUS 4000-II " on undertook demonstrating.

Main shaft jacket has a variety of sensor such as temperature, oscillatory, displacement and distance. Sensor signal is opposite by NC device undertake uninterrupted monitoring. In temperature life of elevatory, oscillatory aggravate, clamping apparatus is about to expire when can remove precaution to protect action. Additional, when producing unusual vibration or clamping apparatus to have a mistake, can close immediately machine, ensure safe. To heating up displacement, can pass amend, undertake high accuracy is machined.

Gram of hill Qi campstool is advancing intelligence actively to change development in recent years, this intelligent main shaft is an among them link. Second main shaft can divide type very quickly to go up to deserve to install into travel choosing in the ministry. Produce cadre according to this company technology floodgate of minister of standing trustee, carbon fine says: "The European international machine tool that held in September 2007 is exhibited (EMO) before, will accelerate development process, so that can be installed,go up to all type. So that can be installed,go up to all type..

Install this kind of main shaft, can have protection and admonitory function only at first. Preparation develops more advanced intelligence change a function in the future, once main shaft vibration increases, can reduce rotate speed automatically, the change machines a condition. Conversely, if superabundant land is returned in temperature and oscillatory respect, can increase rotate speed, improve treatment efficiency.

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