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Bio-Chem Valve designs miniature pump for instrument appearance
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Bio-Chem Valve Inc develops a success recently L of a 8 μ but ego starts shrink miniature pump. The instrument instrument manufacturer of the seems OEM for answering architect with this main pump and nature and electric power domain.

Introduce according to this company, the firm membrane pump that discharge an amount can more apply to an operation, change control tall purity accurately or the minim of aggressivity current allocates.

This pump can use every second with continuous control the output of 8 μ L flows, the current channel that offers not to have automatism for the allocation of accurate, repeatability.

Of Bio-ChemValve miniature pump it is 17/8inches high, the diameter is 3/4inches, the combine that can replace pump and valve offers a kind of successive admeasure, perhaps replace continuously dynamic peristaltic pump offers slipstream of successive arteries and veins.