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Interior of data of research of our country initiate is careful structural instr
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According to " bright daily " reported on January 4, 2007: What kind of is the electronic structure of material interior? Nowadays, this perplexes enigma hopeful unlock of the scientist. Change technical institute to be developed jointly by institute of physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and manage " vacuum of freeboard energy resolution is ultraviolet photoelectron of laser horn resolution can chart appearance " the expert appraisal that was a group leader through Gong Changde academician a few days ago. The expert thinks, this instrument is comfortable study at beginning the careful electron construction of complex system, produce an account character to explain the strange eyewinker of advanced material is rational, such as high temperature exceeds conductivity to produce mechanism to wait for a problem, provided crucial experimental measure.

Project controller Zhou Xingjiang's researcher says, material is metal, dielectric, semiconductor or superconductor, these macroscopical physics property are decided by the microcosmic electron structure of material, and photoelectron can the main tool that chart appearance uses at analysing material electron structure namely. Previously photoelectron can chart appearance basically takes synchronous radiate illuminant or gas discharge light source two kinds of means. Vacuum is ultraviolet laser is these two kinds of illuminant besides a kind of new light source, solving energy resolution and surface sensitive respect has revolutionary progress.

The expert such as Gan Zizhao academician passes appraisal to think consistently, this also is international on first vacuum ultraviolet laser application arrives photoelectron of resolution of high resolution horn can on chart appearance, main technique index all is in international lead position.