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Alibaba builds focusing rich plan: 1000 employee will become millionaire
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Times of Zhang Rebin negotiable securities

The Alibaba that learned yesterday according to the reporter the book of initial raise capital by floating shares of the company, annual battalion controlled this company 2006 1.363 billion RMB, net profit 268 million, and battalion closed 2004 for 359 million, compound year increase rate is achieved 94% , and up to on June 30, 2007, this company battalion closes 957 million, compare the corresponding period grew 61% again 2006.

And protect what Magenshidanli publishs Jian person to appear on the market according to appearing on the market report estimation, alibaba B2B today, bright net profit hopeful of two years is achieved 6.22 reach 870 million yuan, tenability of net profit margin is in 31% levels, did not come 3 years of turnover compound year growth is achieved 39% .

Book of initial raise capital by floating shares still shows, equestrian cloud individual is in B2B is symbolistic only hold, and Alibaba B2B of 4900 employee hold appears on the market 404068311 stock of company, identify equity and two hundred and fifty thousand seven hundred and sixty-seven RSUs(thirty-nine million one hundred and ninety-one thousand seven hundred and forty-two times to suffer limitative equity) , close to amount to 443.5 million in all. Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, among them nearly 1000 employee will pass hold these share become millionaire, this is Chinese Internet popularizes a face so far the most extensive make rich plan.