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Oil price goes up 6 days to innovate again repeatedly every pails tall 88 dollar
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Market short-term focus still is centered in Turkey greatly - on tight situation of Iraq. As a result of anticipate Turkey or march Iraqi north area, make Iraqi oil exit is interrupted possibly then, exchange of futures of new York commerce (price of futures of NYMEX) crude oil trades the 6th times continuously sun rises, be in dish in break through every pails of 88 dollars.

17 days, in gain profit dish dozen pressure below, oil price somewhat fall after a rise, but still prep above 87 dollars / bucket. The North sea Bulunte price of crude oil futures drops 50 cent, to 83.05 dollars.

Oil price trend has difference

Consider inflationary factor and do after be being adjusted accordingly, at present international oil price has approached the 90 dollars 1980 / the historical peak value of the bucket.

The personage inside course of study goes to oil price continuity situation have very big difference. Most person does not wish to undertake forecasting to oil price, point out oil price still is in the area of a sealed trend. The personage that values to oil price has looked to 100 much dollars, see empty analytic personage point out, the price at least by overmeasure 10 dollars, it is probable inside this week fall after a rise.

Weak middle east condition still is one of the largest stake. Between Turkey and Iraq increasingly tight situation, the capital that had attracted more speculation capital and long-term investor is entered. Because bilateral tight situation may affect Iraqi oil export, make restore Iraqi classics Turkey to export petrolic to hope since 2003 gradually bleak. But personage of a few analysises also thinks, round of new price is amended will brew very quickly.

Be being supplied and demand side, ou Peike agrees with increase production only 500 thousand pails. And in winter, oil refining business in succession put into high gear in order to satisfy demand peak value, crude oil demand also will reach a peak subsequently, the personage that values oil price says, ou Peike a few the supply situation that increase production will not maintain good, and do not wish to Oupeike of increase production worry about the influence risk of ground fringe politics to magnify further.

Zhou Er of American energy department expresses, the market needs Oupeikedi to offer more crude oil, dan Oupei overcomes the official of the respect to express, they will come to an agreement September, the increase production that exceeds 500 thousand pails is unlikely. Ou Peike thinks main area can not support current high oil price, and the market furnishs at present very enough. Ou Peike condemns a spec to trade business drive up the price.

A few analysts also point out the dollar goes weak also is a factor that oil price takes tall, but after this dollar begins to rebound.

Upper reaches harvests downstream care

Domestic side, oil price rises the mainest person that be benefited is country's biggest crude oil to produce business China oil. This also is in for this company before long issue A in the future provide favorable outstanding achievement backdrop. The company announced before this year 3 quarters to produce management data a few days ago.
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