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To China production confidence does not decrease a foreign trader to continue to
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Enter in October, as wide hand in can kick off, the large Fair of and other places of circumjacent Hong Kong, Shenzhen begins in succession, reach those who will be begun this year in August to remove goods incident effect, abroad purchase equipment to get attention to what China makes. The near future many Fair come out in succession trade data shows, the international market is purchased to what China makes did not fall to rise instead not only, the 102nd wide the exit specified amount that pays meeting first phase compared to the same period previous term or session grows 4.1% .

Purchase China to make confidence be not decreased

Li Meisheng of presiding apparitor of company of lumber of American demon sound ray and world purchase allied CEOChrisSellers to all express, make to China hold hope as before. According to saying, the world purchases alliance to sell more than 50 billion dollar every year, be in China this year purchase will exceed 10 billion dollar. Wide hand in during the meeting, numerous purchase business to also express won't decrease because of cancelling goods event purchase an amount. Steve also tells president of American Microflock group the reporter, predict to purchase a quantity to be able to rise this year 5 into, and last year purchasing the specified amount is 40 million dollar.

This kind of confidence can get confirm from inside Fair: Shenzhen hands in can unjust cloth high to clinch a deal data, but assembly pays the specified amount previous term or session of summary prep above, current wide hand in the first phase exit that just can end to exhibit an area to clinch a deal the forehead compared to the same period (100) grow 12.5% , than this year spring hand in meeting (101) the corresponding period grows 4.1% .

Postdoctoral Chen Rongping expresses institute of Zhongshan university government, the incident that return money is a case merely, just touched bead whether is three-cornered product advantage browbeaten this sensitive nerve, but abroad the faith that buys the home to be made to China won't be abate because of this.

6 increase simple tube investment into manufacturer

According to round-the-world resource peaceful is in the beauty cancels goods event to China 200 suppliers of 11 province had an investigation, the manufacturing base that there is the person be visited of 53% to come from occurrence product to reclaim in the center -- Guangdong, the result shows, of 62% suffer the person that visit to putting in more capital to command a respect in the character of the product, extent is between 10%~20% , among them major put in comprehensive quality government program is implemented in the factory.

But the personage inside course of study thinks, also should purchase business to raw material, the link such as technology of products plan, production guards a pass, make sure the product accords with a standard. Han Li person says, because importer does not have enough examination,beautiful peaceful cancels goods event is, this is a kind of method of economic cost, also meet of course huff competition ability, but final manufacturer and importer will pay price for this, this also will affect brand value eventually.
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