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Division of total economy of national statistic bureau: Gou of of midge of Wa o
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Jing Yuan of Yao of division of total economy of national statistic bureau was in yesterday " the 10thGrowChinese summit annual meeting " on express, our country macroscopical economic benefits is good 2007, total scale of income of predicting annual finance can be amounted to 5 trillion.

Income of our country finance achieved 3.93 trillion RMB last year, yao Jingyuan expresses, income of finance of our country of before this year 3 quarters grows 31.4% compared to the same period, growth range is more contemporaneous than last year 6.8 taller percent.

"A the largest last year issue is to cancel in the roundAgricultureDuty, this means the agricultural the amount of tax to be paid that lost 125 billion yuan, and at presentFinanceExpropriation rate and total dimensions from go up at all the macroscopical beneficial result that showed China is good. " such Yao Jingyuan say.

In addition, yao Jingyuan thinks, this year our countryEconomyoutstanding achievement returns expression to be in: It is agricultural respect, predict total output of our country grain can achieve 1 trillion jins of above this year; 2 it is company profit, end the data August, 39 industries are entire gain, profit the corresponding period grows 37% ; The 3 income that are urban and rural people andObtain employmentGot bigger improvement is mixed rise.

Speak of this year when CPI, yao Jingyuan points out, current prices rises pressure exists really, but still be structural sex only rise, do not represent overall inflation. The structural sex that Yao Jingyuan says rises besides it is to show 8 kinds of big products are medium 5 kinds rise, 3 kinds drop, he still pointed out the regional characteristic that prices rises.
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