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Zheng Jingping: "Chinese economy exceeds Germany to be hanged quite this year "
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As new drawing near of a year, about each country economy of newest rank forecast also begin lively rise. Make to near future all circles " Chinese economy exceeds Germany this year " judgement, national statistic bureau alwaysEngineerZheng Beijing makes the same score the view that gave out to differ, "Chinese economy exceeds Germany to be hanged quite this year " .

Zheng Jingping ever held the position of spokesman of news of national statistic bureau old, accordingly, the outside is right bureau of this country statistic the chief engineer is not unfamiliar. Hold in institute of finance of company division courtyard " financial forum " on estrade, zheng Jingping expresses, a lot of people care ChinaEconomyWhether exceed Germany, "Because euro add dollar appreciates this year too fast, according to my computation, chinese economy exceeds Germany to be hanged quite this year " .

Nevertheless, the view of the outside is made the same score than Zheng Beijing hopeful. In fact, before two years Chinese economy surmounts England easily, make the world after system of the 4th old economy, observation home people think in succession, below the circumstance of Chinese economy flourishing, economic gross surmounts Germany to become the 3rd issue of world that is time.

Such hopeful judgement is in on the month is pushed to new climax. The data that national statistic bureau publishs shows, before this year 3 quarters, chinaGDP(gross domestic product) achieve 16.6 trillion yuan, relatively the corresponding period grew 11.5% last year.

Message one, cause all circles attention immediately. "Chinese economy is in span in German level road " make the news of finance and economics with abroad media the most popular near future almost. Because Chinese GDP dimensions amounted to 2.64 trillion dollar last year, and the German GDP dimensions of the corresponding period is 2.89 trillion dollar. All circles thinks, want the growth momentum of two digit of before maintaining 3 quarters only, chinese economy exceeds Germany to make the whole world inside year the possibility of system of the 3rd old economy is great.
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