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Business of 1700 my fastener is faced with turn over dumping challenge
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The European Union turns over dumping big stick-means of intimidation to point to China again, this the object is fastener.

On November 9, european Union committee member issues official announcement, decide the steely fastener to originating in China formerly is initiated turn over dumping investigation, investigation period is on October 1, 2006, on September 30, 2007, this case plans to use India to regard as replace a country.

The product range of Europe square protocol is very wide, at present experience case product includes all steel or iron fastener, only a few products such as stainless steel fastener are eliminated; The encode of European Union custom of experience case product has 10.

Wang Shihong of secretary-general of society of major of fastener of association of general component industry shows Chinese machine, investigate amount this big, limits the impact is very accordingly wide, big. According to custom statistic, fastener of my iron and steel exported 532 million dollar to Europe 2006, the case is investigated period (forehead of the exit inside 2006.10-2007.9) restrains 760 million dollar, this case involves many 1700 company of our country.

The European Union is one of markets with the biggest outlet of our country fastener, because the European Union already was opposite 2005,the stainless steel fastener of our country is collected 11.4% to of 27.4% oppose dumping tax, if turn over a dumping this to hold water, mean great majority fastener to will be collected custom duty of sex of penalty of high specified number, this applies to product of our country fastener nearly " ban " .


This investigation applies for by association of European industry fastener (EIFI) puts forward.

By EIFI referred name is one when obtain according to the reporter " application is right the steely fastener that imports from China (do not include stainless steel fastener) start oppose dumping program " report (next weighing " application report " ) show, EIFI represented the fastener manufacturer that comes from France, Germany, Italy, Portuguese and other places.

Application report points out, the manufacturer that shares 68 European Unions this (include 28 appeal enterprise and 40 support company) support turns over a dumping to investigate, they enclothed an European Union to produce " steely fastener (do not include stainless steel fastener) " the 35.1%(of crop among them appeal enterprise is achieved 26.7% , the proponent achieves 8.4%) .

Application report thinks, the dumping profit margin of the steely fastener that China exports is achieved 90% , 195% . The steely fastener that the European Union imported from China 2004 is 289897 tons, increased 488014 tons 2006, grow 68.3% two years, predict to will amount to 634000 tons this year, grow 118.7% than 2004, than 2002 it is to grow 433% more.

Application report points out, came 2004 2006, china arrives from 16.5% growth in the portion on European Union market 23.2% , estimation can be achieved by this year 27.9% , 2002 this data is 9.1% .
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