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China plans to carry out interest of department of system of administration of g
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"Increase orgnaization conformity strength, exploration implements the system of greater part door with organic and centralized function, coordinate between perfect branch cooperate a mechanism. "In seventeen big report about system of door of governmental greater part brand-new formulation, cause all circles to fix eyes on. "Should clutch make administration system reform overall program " , include central important the order of the day, and the conception of system of greater part door, be being thought generally will be a government of reform

New first signs of round of structural reorganization

Since reforming and opening, our country early or late 1982, 1988, 1993, mixed 1998 undertook structural reorganization 5 times 2003. National administration institute is communal administrative teaching grinds ministry professor Wang Yukai says, although we present governmental framework and look of planned economy times are very more than progressing, but compare with mature market economy country, sectional setting still slants much, and what administrative action still contains economy to intervene is inertial.

"Incorporate is specialization degree across of tall, function is much, overmuch sortie is microcosmic economic domain, desalt governmental service and macroscopical management function. "Professor Wang Yukai says, wait for a lot of domains that affect the national economy and the people's livelihood in processing of environment of food safety, water for instance, "" of much dragon prevent floods by water control is become cogent the one big obstacle that solves a problem.

National hair changes appoint macroscopical economy academy Professor Chang Xiuze thinks, concentrate the function closely related and power in a large section to unite exercise, the public service of more outstanding government and action of macroscopical adjusting control. "For example, to original traffic industry, if can build an unified and harmonious system, will more the harmony that conduces to each career such as stimulative railroad, civil aviaton, highway develops, optimize resource configuration. Optimize resource configuration..

Experts are fatidical, system of greater part door is reformed will 2008 spring take the lead in centrally people government is advanced. At the appointed time, new reform of system of round of administration will make the point of one great put forth effort that fulfils seventeen great mind.

Service government Chen Jiwu goes

Wang Yukai says, the government below planned economy manages, one of bright features are a branch the setting is complex, for instance machinist job following once had 9 departments. After reforming an act through a few rounds, this kind of phenomenon is changed somewhat, but at present the function across between the government sector, politics give much door, authority duty not clear phenomenon is very outstanding still, become a when affect governmental efficiency main factor.
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