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Heat focusing: Who lets bosses by 2007 " collective panic " ?
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" labor contract law " be about to carry out formally. Because be opposite,promulgated 1994 " labor law " in the right of both sides of labour and capital, obligation undertook relatively major key is whole, new law caused the attention with all-time and wide society. Of new law carry out, it is right long-term since imparity of labour and capital is caused tremendous and unjust to the society puissant and correctional. From short-term look, " labor contract law " the cost of choose and employ persons that raised an enterprise, can let a few enterprises feel incommensurate even labor pains; But from long-term in light of, " labor contract law " be helpful for urging an enterprise to be with the person this, compose establishs harmonious working relationship. This is the cornerstone with enterprise radical solid industry. Our newspaper is rolled out now " special plan -- focusing " labor contract law " " , appeal the enterprise respects law, respect and be kind to a worker, in order to win long-term, healthy progress.

In the distance new law carries out inadequacy 3 months when, china go out to explode " abdication door " incident, of this dynamic " 7000 employee resign first compete again mount guard " , be being unscrambled generally to be by people is China to be opposite new " labor contract law " a kind of avoid.

Explode piece similar " abdication door " the sound of incident is incessant Yu Er. LG of Wo Erma, Korea come out in succession the message that cut down the member of persons employed, and what be cut into parts is casual and long length of service more such group.

The reporter is inputted on Baidu " new 2008 labor law " , get 492 thousand relevant content. Mix all sorts of unscrambling besides the introduction to new law content, still accompanying netizens to encounter employer unfair treatment and the end of the year suffer the of all kinds appeal that dismiss. If assimilate to of will new law a balance, carry out formally in new law when, of angst is certain boss not just, still have be badly in need of promotional the understanding to new law, with defend oneself rights and interests work a group of things with common features.

What be cut into parts before New Year is that kind of herd that new law thinks to protect most. In " step on thunder " before, industry employers shift to an earlier date with their make a clear distinction bounds. So, this new law hid after all how many sharp, is the collective that causes the employers end this 2007 unexpectedly panicky?

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