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Xikou town started brand pneumatic components in China
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Started in the mid 80s of last century, Fenghua Xikou air industry, from the beginning of the minor, to be more than 330 households with pneumatic manufacturers, employing more than 8,000 people, accounting for air market 1 / 3 share in mature industries, Xikou in Fenghua economy has a significant place. Now, Fenghua Xikou has become the "hometown of pneumatic components in China," Xikou pneumatic industry has also become a representative of the economy. Increasing scale enterprises Since 2007, with the national macro-policy tightening, U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, labor costs and increasing raw material prices and other pressures, all kinds of enterprises operating difficulties in varying degrees, and Fenghua Pneumatic business because of technical content is high, External dependence is low, the main products manufactured by the small impact of raw material prices and other factors, in the current economic environment, the impact on small air companies Xikou total profit accounted for 72.5% of total profits. Xikou air companies through their own efforts, Baotuan business from scratch, from the rough to grow, increasing number of enterprises above the scale, waves of gold through the market economy many companies "junk" has become a "ship" even the "ship in." In 2007 alone, annual sales of more than 500 million have 23 scale enterprises, including 10 million in annual sales to 5,000 million in 10 companies, sales income of more than 5,000 million air corporate one. Accelerate the process of e-commerce With the continuous development of national e-commerce business, more and more companies which have been seen aerodynamic opportunities, have through Alibaba, the Chinese B2B e-commerce platform and other gas Mobility "wading" network economy, Denver networking markets. Currently, most enterprises have opened Xikou e-commerce sites, and relatively high technology content, some large enterprises have also applied for the aerodynamic level domain, open a separate corporate Web site for your own website into a larger fund and human, but also achieve better economic efficiency. Currently, the company began to learn from foreign Xikou Qidong the successful experience of some of the industry, through networking, trade fairs, trade marks and other ways to create brand, with emphasis on cultivating trademark, industry standards, nurture their own brands, started Xikou "pneumatic components in China town" brand, making it a resounding domestic air business card.