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Fenghua Haitian choice for high-quality manufacturer of pneumatic components
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Pneumatic components or through the expansion of the gas pressure forces generated by the components to do work, about the elastic energy of compressed air is converted to kinetic energy of the parts. Such as cylinder, motor, steam engine and so on. Pneumatic components is a form of power transmission, also the energy conversion device, using gas pressure to deliver energy. Fenghua Automation Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufacturer of pneumatic components. Since its establishment, has been adhering to the "pragmatic, innovative, refinement, courage to open up." In the air industry continue to explore cutting-edge technology, a breakthrough manufacturing technology to ensure the leading position in air. Company to market and customer demand, a large number of investment technology, personnel, equipment, and continuously improve product quality, product variety and the specification more complete. Products and reliable, practical, to meet the different fields and levels of customer demand. The major products are pneumatic control parts, pneumatic actuator components, air source treatment, pneumatic and other distant parts. Including solenoid valves, special solenoid valves, control valves, mechanical valve, manual valve, hand valve, hand valve, lever valve, hand switch valve, foot valve, air source processor, pressure regulators, air filters, Lubricator, FRL single-joint piece, two pieces together, triple, all kinds of cylinder, standard cylinder, mini cylinder, thin cylinder, slide valve, vacuum generators, floating joints, and other products, through the CE certification. Adopted and strictly in accordance with ISO9000 international quality management system and continuously implement a comprehensive staff education and training to professionals in all aspects of training to meet the rapid market changes and needs. Companies not only have quality products. And we have more good teams, in order to better serve our customers, has established a sound sales network and improve customer service system. Company products are also exported to Japan, Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia, to establish a sales network in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Shenyang, Chengdu and other cities.) Haitian spirit of "people-oriented, honest career" seeking win-win sincerity, sincerely hope to create brilliant domestic and foreign counterparts.