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IEK: next year estimated growth rate of global semiconductor devices 5%
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ITRI IEK, senior analyst and manager of Zhaozu You pointed out that the end-consumer market this year, new market momentum derivatives, including smart phones, tablet PCs, network TV, while driving this year's global market size of semiconductor components 3,020 billion U.S. dollars, growing by more than 3 percent, a record high, which covers the growth rate of the larger memory devices, analog IC, discrete components and sensors, etc.; less than the global electronic components semiconductor devices, this market is about 1,364 million, compared with growth of 13.3% in 2009. Zhaozu You pointed out that this year's global market growth rate of semiconductor devices record high, market size than last year grew 3 percent, and forecast growth rate next year, will return to normal levels of 5.1%, the overall estimated market size of approximately 3,174 billion, while 2009-2014 average annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 9.3%. In addition to NORFlash and DSP, almost all semiconductor components growth rates this year, more than 2 percent. Zhaozu You said, especially DRAM, analog IC, discrete components and sensors highest growth rate. Power Management IC accounts for about 7 percent of the analog IC market growth rate of 4 percent this year, with discrete components because the expansion of green energy saving applications to drive market growth, output growth of discrete components 34.1% this year. In addition, the sensor is in the wisdom of devices and automotive electronics play a key role in this year's estimated growth rate of 31.4%. This year, the global electronic components outside the semiconductor device industry, by new product launches and the rising consumption in emerging markets, market size estimate of 1,365 billion U.S. dollars, the growth rate of 13.3%. Zhaozu You forecast that next year in the Tablet PC and network television, driven by new applications, the global electronic components market growth rate will reach 11% market to grow to 1,516 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, this year, driven in LEDTV, driving LED backlight modules and a substantial growth of the grain market, 38% growth rate for all components of the first electronic components, energy component second place, the growth rate of 17.4%, 16% of connecting components, passive components will grow 9.1%.