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Even if Xi Jiacheng develops posture by industry of bearing of domestic and inte
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Jin Feng sends bright, be suddenly enlightened. On November 10, particularly advisory Xi Jiacheng goes to guild of Chinese instrument appearance on invitation company of 4 couplet group, in upper new developed area big auditoria made vivid and wonderful " develop about instrument bearing industry and report dynamicly " . Nearly 400 people joined the dry, technology, sale concerned staff in group company leader, each unit leader, mechanism seminar. The seminar is chaired by Yuan Xiangshi of group company vise general manager.

Xi Jiacheng's report distributes a share: It is state of affairs of before industry of countrywide instrument bearing 5 years of development; 2 it is trends of development of industry of bearing of domestic and international instrument. Xi Jiacheng talks cheerfully and humourously, tirelessly path comes, develop quickly from before industry of countrywide instrument bearing 5 years, benefit synchronism rises; The company changes make accelerate, attract foreign capital to get effective, economic structure change is rapid; Imports and exports grows continuously, adverse balance of trade increases; Technical progress is accelerated, product structural adjustment gets effective, investment of science and technology is increased; Difference is not little, the issue is outstanding waited for 5 respects to undertake relatively lucid elaborate, what existing at present to industry of bearing of our country instrument is soft, weak, small the analysis that waited for a phenomenon to have deep fluoroscopy and one by one, put forward answered train of thought.   

Of the development tide that faces tycoon of industry of international instrument bearing and technology of forward position of industry of world instrument bearing roll out again and again, below the big setting of economic globalization, industry of domestic instrument bearing how shirt-sleeve economy globalization? How does company of domestic instrument instrument participate in competition? Resemble 4 couplet group especially is such industry gotten army how does the enterprise participate in international competition, how to do do greatly strong, hold industry bibcock position? Xi Jiacheng by outside reach inside, reach by the watch in, even if regard the development trend of industry of bearing of domestic and international instrument, last from the industry fast, add fast perch to fluctuate; Export fast growth, entrance amplitude continues to drop, inflection point of drawing near of adverse balance of trade; Science and technology progresses, structural adjustment is making development main trend; Major project project is broken through in hardship; Foreign capital strategy, the adjustment of the key; Cooperate external the level rises; Cartel recombines impetus to increase wait for 7 respects to undertake objective analysis, put forward to answer strategy actively, blame of benefit of the person that make attend the meeting is shallow, win everybody's enthusiastic applause.
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