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Research center of Hangzhou bearing test wins support of fund of national techno
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The predecessor of limited company of research center of Hangzhou bearing test is the research center of Hangzhou bearing test that U.N. helps, it is the research base that pursues bearing experiment research technically, make at changing 2002 it is joint stock company of battalion of civilian of science and technology. Company technology force is abundant, the project of great scientific research of make known to lower levels of the accumulative total country that finish, ministries and commissions, province, city 30 multinomial. Among them 7 already won all sorts of award, 8 obtain Chinese patent.

The company detects the lab approves committee at carrying Chinese lab state in March 2003 (CNAL) with Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference (CMIF) evaluation, the national form that adopts ISO/IEC 17025 detects lab (CNAL № : L0309) , check checks test data to get international each other admits.

The near future, company " measuring instrument of vibration of broadband noisy speed bearing " innovation project, got the support of the commendation of association of Chinese bearing industry and branch of various science and technology, obtained fund of national technology innovation 1.35 million yuan funds is aided financially, project of foundation of innovation of technology of science and technology of the country that be labelled medium and small businesses, this purpose begins the development that will promote trade of our country bearing greatly.

This project (patent application date: 200720112720.2) have 3 innovation place: It is the rate of magnetic induction of the type that use a group that developed development to design syntonic frequency to be able to amount to 10KHz above independently sensor, have sensitivity noise of tall, frequency is wide wait for a characteristic; The integral function of sensor already achieved international advanced level. 2 it is own design research and development the drive main shaft that liquid activity presses main shaft to regard bearing as oscillatory measuring instrument, have rotate tall, service life grows precision, have the temperature that start especially low the advantage to 5 ℃ , accommodation is wide, can use on the product line that does not have air conditioning equipment directly. 3 be realize bearing of short columnar roller to measure first in domestic congener instrument brace up, sound of different of bearing vibration speed detects and oscillatory automatic judge, grading function.

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