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Competition of market of profit margin low valve is intense
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Valve is the product with low profit margin, market competition is very intense. With respect to valve market distributing, basically be the construction of basis project project, the biggest user of valve is branch of industry of branch of petrifaction industry, electric power, metallurgy branch, chemical industry and urban construction. Petrifaction industry basically applies the brake a powerful person of API standard, shut-off valve and check valve; The low pressure that Electricity Department door basically uses a power station to press brake a powerful person, shut-off valve, check valve and relief valve to reach one part to give catchment a powerful person with high temperature butterfly a powerful person, brake a powerful person; Chemical industry basically introduces a powerful person of stainless steel brake, shut-off valve, check valve; Metallurgy industry basically uses low-pressure large requirements shut-off valve of butterfly a powerful person, oxygen and aerobic ball valve; The city builds a branch to basically employ low-pressure a powerful person, if conduit of urban tap water basically employs a powerful person of large requirements brake, building contain construction basically employs a powerful person of central line butterfly, urban heat addition basically uses a metal sealed butterfly a powerful person; Pipe laying basically introduces flat brake a powerful person and ball valve; Pharmacy industry basically introduces stainless steel ball valve; Food industry basically uses stainless steel ball valve to wait. Valve makes dosage bigger in water treatment industry, basically give priority to with low-pressure valve product, be like butterfly a powerful person, brake a powerful person, check valve. As we have learned, the valve company that certain dimensions has on the market at present has more than 2000, great majority distributings to be taken in Jiang Zhe and Central Plains. Because demand of product technology content is relative inferior, accordingly, competition is more intense.

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