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Who will share high speed of instrument bearing industry to develop regale?
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Some significant positions and effect are had in current society to instrument appearance, the trailblazer of science of our country instrument and contemporary weights and measures technique and academician of constituent leader Wang Dahang ever had such classical figure of speech: "Instrument appearance is the corporeal judge that assures to produce quality, regard a test as the tool, instrument appearance itself must be high quality, the conclusion that reachs otherwise is fluky, instrument appearance became a toy, lost the value of oneself. " in recent years, development of instrument bearing industry is swift and violent. 2006, entire industry achieves profit total 19.9 billion yuan, be as high as 34% at year of compound increase rate 2001 relatively. As domestic production breed most all ready portable testing instrument is mixed the experiment opportunity with the greatest dimensions produces a business, times science and technology (000611) in lead instrument bearing industry development while, through directional add send 31 million, one hundred and eighty-two thousand two hundred and eighty yuan of RMBs use collect endowment at investment to build experiment machine research and development to produce construction item, enlarge machine of of all kinds experiment and relevant product to produce can reach 4300. Cast a purpose to be carried out smoothly as this collect, times science and technology is sure to present a brand-new appearance, share the boom regale that whole industry grows quickly thereby. Demand increases industry boom promotion to arrive from 2001 quickly 2006, instrument bearing industry grows continuously, sales revenue increases 343.9 billion yuan from 89.9 billion yuan, year compound add fast be as high as 34% . The personage inside course of study predicts, instrument bearing industry still lay to grow quickly 2007 period, increase rate of produce and sale maintains in 25% the left and right sides. Basis " did not come to our country 5 years to analyse a report to the demand of instrument appearance market " , our country is huge to the market demand of instrument appearance, among them experiment machine arrives home market total demand can amount to 70 thousand above 2008, electromechanical unifinication product will occupy 50-60% . From times science and technology located check checks check instrument child in light of the industry, whole " 915 " during, our country major, science and growth of control instrument export are driving, exit specified number is relative 2005 2000, year compound increase rate is as high as 45% . 2006 although add fast put delay, but rebounded first half of the year 2007 to 34.5% . In the meantime, domestic portable detector and industry of industrial experiment machine also present rapid growth state, among them, industry of industrial experiment machine is total of the sales revenue 2006, profit, new product production value and exit delivery cost were 2001 respectively 15.6 times, 10.7 times, 133 times with 5.5 times. Sale of experiment machine entire industry was 2.5 billion yuan about 2006, new product production value grows 33% compared to the same period, exit delivery value increases 25% compared to the same period. With respect to instrument appearance each stature industry, labor is concentrated model in cheap product is added fast all will be worth under the industry, the industry such as igneous report, metallurgy suffers the effect of macroscopical adjusting control, demand hasten delay, but economy of public project, energy-saving, environmental protection, loop measure the demand that controls device to grow generally to automation. As instrument appearance and control system of special program carry out, the technical progress of entire industry and business are extended will present new features. According to the biggest experiment aircraft manufacturer on international American INSTRON company is forecasted, at present experiment machine sales volume of China is American 1/20 only, by China growth rate forecasts year of economy of 8% , after about 10 years, experiment machine market of China will comparative with experiment machine market of the United States, that is to say, market of Chinese experiment machine will present growth state every year, form a quite huge market. Times science and technology begins to intervene from 1984 domain of portable intelligence testing instrument, had been dimensions of this one domain at present the biggest, breed the bibcock company with the most complete, lead technology, its testing instrument has absolutely advantage in home market, share of key product market achieves 80% above. The product has exported southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, America to wait tens of country and area, the user includes the United States the transnational corporation such as big house of masses of general, Laosilaisi, Germany, Korea. 2003, times science and technology buys Jinan assaying group, came true thereby high-tech is as strong as production thumb powerful combination. Times science and technology is controlling the dominant position of respect of technology of unifinication of system, smooth Electromechanical, small processing, number technology, can offset the weak influence of Jinan assaying group; And the engineering capability with Jinan powerful assaying makes again the newer rate of the product is accelerated, the additional cost of the product increases, the value catenary of the product is outspread, this kind of dominant position is complementary and real arose " 1 1>2 " the effect. Actually, "High-tech high engineering capability " the fixed position that is times science and technology, the rich technical experience that the series link place that in its production of experiment machine product makes accumulates and masterly manufacturing technology are the brushstroke fortune of times science and technology, company of estate of other person of the same trade cannot duplicate. This times science and technology will be directional add hair collect capital to throw item of garden of Jinan assaying industry entirely, make machine of of all kinds experiment and relevant product are produced can add reach 4300. The project is amounted to postpartum, can achieve year of sales revenue 398 million yuan, normal year of profit after tax 25.24 million yuan, all Return On Investment is amounted to 13.76% , interest tax rate is amounted to 36.66% . With times science and technology 216 million total capital stock is calculated, will promote every accrual 0.12 yuan directly, and annals outstanding achievement was the company 2006 0.12 yuan. From theoretic tell, although take no account of a company advocate the growing sex of course of study, by its project gain is forecasted, hopeful makes company outstanding achievement is in increased significantly on the foundation 2006. 2003, when times science and technology buys Jinan assaying group, experiment machine industry of China still is in the go on an expedition of a large number of heroes, phase that fight for throne; Also be China at the same time the crucial period that changes of composition of experiment machine industry, industry shuffles. 4 years, times assaying cast off predicament gradually, be on a new way that can hold own intellectual property and product to change, mix in product exterior measure accuse a system to achieve a breakthrough quickly, make magic figures drawn by Taoist priests to invoke or expel spirits and bring good or ill fortune of name of trade of Chinese experiment machine thereby actually one side banner. We have reason to believe, when after garden of Jinan assaying industry builds, "World test machine aircraft carrier " blue print will present alive person before. Production manages steady professional work to grow outstanding speak of times science and technology, with respect to the group of large stockholder age that has to promote a company. As the ZhongGuanCun that has 1.5 billion yuan of asset, 40 Yu Jiazi branches and 2 abroad branches famous enterprise of civilian battalion high-tech, testing instrument of age group sortie, solder the 5 big fields such as automation of equipment, intelligence transducer, distribution, application software. Times testing instrument produces main effect in the industrial domain of world each country, home market portion is as high as 80% above. Current, company of world-renowned iron and steel, metallurgy, car, aircraft all the product that batch introduces age group, age group already became the product supplier of company of American Boeing company, American navy, air force, communication. There are no poor soldiers under a good general. Below powerful partner setting, the management development of times science and technology is not inferior also. 2006, times science and technology sells the big conformity of mode to obtain remarkable result to home, achieved sales revenue and sale to add fast the strategic goal that cost of double growth, sale drops. Characteristic sale is the one big a magic weapon of times science and technology, the most perfect sale in relying on the company's existing experiment machine industry serves a network, times science and technology pushs each work for the principle with embellish of high quality, tall difference, usury, the strategic choice of poor dissimilation will be the long-term development of the company to lay solid foundation. The high speed growth of exit also has made the one large window of times science and technology. The company exported business to grow 54% 2005, grew 42% 2006, exit amount increases 42.79 million yuan of 2006 from 19.45 million yuan of 2004, occupy advocate 17% of business Wu, whole presents high speed to rise situation. 2007 first half of the year, the company exports income to grow 46% compared to the same period. Meanwhile, the export growth of experiment machine is rapidder: Completing plants of pair of engine of Jinan assaying experiment after buying, the company uses the abroad sale channel of age group, drive the export business of experiment machine quickly, at present experiment machine exports a quantity to rank the first in home, exit forehead made an appointment with many yuan 1000 2006, the proportion that holds export total is amounted to 25% . Times science and technology has agent of 165 testing instrument in 52 countries, basically sell past south Africa at present, alone country and the area such as Han of couplet body, day, earth dust, middle east, South America, southeast Asia, North America, Hong Kong. Current, "Times " testing instrument has been approbated by place of American country Organization for Standardization, through company old experience, overseas market has had certain brand effect, prospective market is broken through " be well worth doing " . Develop experience according to what in recent years our country mechanical industry exports business, technical content waits to batch is produced and can have the product of certain brand in, export trend is general to good. The researcher predicts, 3 years product of dominant of times science and technology exports future growth rate is in on average 25% the left and right sides. Directional add initiate boat bibcock position to consolidate times science and technology is carried out from beginning to end do do strong development train of thought greatly, pursue high speed, healthy development pattern, "High speed health develops, make top-ranking bibcock company " the overall development target that is a company. Finish the arrival with completely current period smoothly as what equity component buy reforms, directional add send measure of a kind of financing, mainer and mainer effect has in promoting company of high grade bibcock to be able to grow a process continuously. Through directional add send 31 million, collect endowment one hundred and eighty-two thousand two hundred and eighty yuan of RMBs, the machine of of all kinds experiment of times science and technology and relevant product are produced can reach 4300. Without doubt, directional add hair general to make the market competition ability of times science and technology increases greatly, industry bibcock position is farther firm. Since this year, times science and technology is mixed in testing instrument the pace of development of each business domain such as experiment machine is accelerated. This year first half of the year, the company realizes business income one hundred and twenty-five million two hundred and thirty thousand yuan, business profit 17.03 million yuan, respectively with photograph of the corresponding period compared growth last year 16.30% with 25.21% ; Implementation net profit 14.59 million yuan, grow 25.30% compared to the same period, the cash flow net specified number that management activity produces raised ten million and seventy-eight thousand eight hundred yuan compared to the same period. In the meantime, times science and technology still increased the market to develop strength, especially the development of the international market, make testing instrument and the corresponding period of experiment machine exit grow 25% above. And company this second directional add send collect endowment project to amount to postpartum, can achieve year of sales revenue 398 million yuan, normal year of profit after tax 25.24 million yuan, all Return On Investment is amounted to 13.76% , interest tax rate is amounted to 36.66% . Visible, times science and technology this directional add the collect of hair to join a project, the appearance that is sure to allow a company " look brand-new " , become a company to do make big inevitable choice by force. In addition, the talent strategy of having a unique style of times science and technology does what did big target by force to offer adamancy to assure for company implementation. "Talent resource is accumulative in development " -- this is times science and technology fumbles for years the valuable experience that come out: Some earlier year, be in when testing instrument enterprise absorption do when making, times science and technology begins to accumulate computer person with ability; Be in when industry when devoting oneself to IT course of study, times science and technology begins to enter again embedded software, accumulation this field qualified personnel; And be in when others when devoting oneself to computer sheet to taste application, times science and technology begins to gather optical talented person again. The talent of look up sex introduces the intellectual composition that improves team of times skilled personnel ceaselessly before. Such, times science and technology fostered backbone of a batch of science and technology in domain of domain of portable testing instrument, team of the innovation that built photograph of technology of a very powerful machine, smooth, cable to be united in wedlock talent. Times science and technology still relies on age group company the talent resource that postdoctoral flow stands, current, the pull in after already having many doctor, give a station and stay in times science and technology to work, a few people in them already became the expert with the youngest domain of domestic some course or technical leader, provide powerful technical backup force and actual strength of research and development for times science and technology thereby. Integrated in light of each respect element, the biggest to Chinese dimensions, have experiment machine industry for the times science and technology of center of development of technology of only state level, want to do do greatly strong advocate course of study, implementation makes the strategic target of aircraft carrier of industry of world test machine, must enlarge product line of scale of production, perfect product, development produces technical content dominant position of tall, industry the product of experiment machine series with capacious prospect of apparent, market, in order to retain a firm the market overlord position in experiment machine industry, make the enterprise is had compete continuously ability. And it is completely feasible that times science and technology issues research and development of machine of experiment of invest in of capital of stock means collect publicly this to produce construction item through be not, and it is very necessary. Company assets dimensions will expand further, indebted structure will receive capital fund improvement, comprehensive strength increases greatly, can last of the company development base is more firm!
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