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High-grade mould demand is more pressing in mould market 2007
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Auto industry is the biggest user of the mould, 2004 although the amplitude of car output has bigger fall after a rise, but of model development and new model appear on the market speed not rein in, some still is accelerated somewhat, because this auto industry is right the demand of the mould still very driving. Electric equipment of electronic information, electric machinery and instrument appearance, building materials, also be the trade that uses a pattern in great quantities, still moved in perch 2003, these generate a large number of demand to the mould. Only shoemaking reachs the industry such as the toy, entered 2004 autumn development amplitude glides, reduced the demand to the mould.

From the point of the circumstance of each front army, total demand of market of mould of 2004 our country is compared go up year of growth is close 20% , attain about 64 billion yuan of right-and-left scale. Although mould market still kept supply and demand 2004 the pattern of two flourishing, but because machinist estate development is added fast put delay, rise in price plus raw material, the influence of the element such as insecurity of the sources of energy, so mould industry grows amplitude also somewhat fall after a rise, with compared 2003, fall after a rise probably on 5 percent. From the point of manufacturing situation, pearl River delta and delta of the Yangtse River still maintain good development momentum.

Northeast and center-west region develop criterion still relatively logy. Base of production of assemble of mould city, mould and the mould birth case inside a few developing zones and division of new and high technology are better. Specific reach each industry, have particular distinguishing feature, special skill or knowledge, can produce large, nicety, complication the order for goods of the pattern company that waits for hi-tech content is general and enough, some already showed ability to be not worth. And average level even the industry with relatively lagging level, order is less, the task is insufficient.

Look integratedly, production of mould of 2004 our country goes out than going up year of growth 15%~20% , gross exceeds 50 billion yuan. High-grade mould demand is more pressing in be opposite as a result of the market, pattern company to raise a level further, more and more those who notice him equipment standard and technical capability rise, the initiative that uses new and high technology and means of patternmaking of all of advanced and practical technical reformation rose generally. Each enterprise was purchasing circumstance of Taiwan machine tool to fall in great quantities 2004, more and more entrance Japan and Euramerican machine tool, of advanced CAD/CAE/CAM software buy a quantity to also promote considerably

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