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ADI promotes favorable balance of trade small-sized high accuracy sensor of doub
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ADI(AnalogDevices, inc. ) released tall compositive degree, double axis inclinometer, offer a kind for industrial equipment manufacturer thereby extremely use extremely high accuracy, easily, the price tilts acceptabilitily detect solution. ADIS16209 but sensor of inclinometer of process designing, double axis applies to a variety of need to measure tilt industrial application equipment of change, include to measure antenna of machine tool of equipment, factory, satellite to stabilize safety of system, motion among them device of monitor and alignment of car position of wheel. The over all dimension of the inclinometer solution with same function arrives greatly normally 100 times of ADIS16209.

ADIS16209 provides the total compensation that is less than 0.1 degrees of linear heeling error direct angle output, making its precision rises thereby is congener at least tilt double of sensor. Because ADIS16209 increased,this is embedded controller, the corrective coefficient that it uses the installation when leaving factory dynamic testing system environment and the error that so that solve change of voltage, temperature, angle and other parameter to cause,compensates output of direct figure angle. Other is based on MEMS tilt sensor needs industrial engineer to finish addition exterior calibration and signal processing normally, these metropolises increase time, cost and complexity to products plan. In addition, the dimension of the inclinometer that ADI company is based on MEMS is less than other to detect significantly plan, need special installation especially the volume of circuit board is very large electroanalysis capacitance tilt sensor. Accordingly, ADIS16209 was offerred to design an engineer almost according to detect apiration is relaxed the ground is compositive the scheme for selection of new accurate sensor.

ADIS16209 double axis but process designing inclinometer, the kernel of system of machine of IMEMS compositive microelectronics that is based on ADI company, when it is in a level to install, can be in ± measures range 30 degrees inside measure double axis in order to be less than 0.1 degrees error to tilt. As a result of mode of its distinctive double axis job, this kind of new-style sensor detects in the odd axis that perpendicular installation also supports inside 360 degrees of limits entirely. Adjustable number sensor implement data is the output of serial peripheral interface that adopts industrial standard, this interface can receive gradient (0.025 degrees of resolution) , acceleration (0.244mg resolution) , temperature and power source voltage. ADIS16209 still has a 12bit to assist function of self check of ADC input and DAC output, number and the condition that can configure to monitor, include warning apparatus. Sensor uses power supply of only power source of 3V ~ 3.6V, and can be able to bear or endure suffer 3500g concussion.

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