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Plastic industry perspective is wide
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The plastic machinery development as the petrochemicals, the addition of plastic products, already achieved " gold " times. The world is at present accepted: A country or the average per capita with plastic area year one of important signs that the place that wastage and plastic industry take in national economy is reflective industry development and progress.

China is plastic resourceful, main synthetic resin produces per year a quantity to amount to 14 thousand T at the beginning of 21 centuries, platoon world 4. Will come henceforth according to forecasting " 915 " during, the output of Chinese synthetic resin grows with the speed of 5%-10% even. China is plastic consumption big country, according to statistic, its year wastage takes the world the 2nd, be next to the United States, and consumption of average per capita is 19kg only, alive bound ranks the 32nd, it is the 11%-20% of industrial developed country, the plastic industry of visible China grows greatly even, plastic and mechanical perspective is wide.

At present production value of industry of Chinese plastic machinery makes an appointment with 10 billion yuan every year, and home market demand makes an appointment with 20 billion yuan, still have very large space. Somebody predicts the material domain of 21 centuries is plastic the world, and China is 21 centuries plastic industry (include plastic and mechanical industry) the biggest market.
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