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Department of Commerce predicts amount of Chinese imports and exports will amoun
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Department of Commerce manages with academy of collaboration of international trade economy 17 days are in Beijing to be released jointly integratedly December 2007 " situation of Chinese foreign trade reports " , predict amount of Chinese goods imports and exports will exceed 2.1 trillion dollar 2007, grow 20% to control.

" report " point out, 2006, in favorable domestic and international environment, branch of director of Chinese foreign trade is carried out seriously fulfil science to develop view and nation policy of macroscopical adjusting control, drive foreign trade actively to grow manner change, serious executive science and technology begins trade and market diversity strategy, foreign trade maintained grow impetus quickly continuously, amount of imports and exports amounts to one thousand seven hundred and sixty billion six hundred and ninety million dollar, grow 23.8% , continue to be ranked No. 3 in the world firmly.

" report " say, since this year, chinese imports and exports continues to grow quickly. Mechanical and electrical products, textile and dress, shoe kind wait for advantage commodity exit to grow continuously, the growth of import of resource sex product such as the plastic, iron ore of primary appearance and concentrate is rapidder. As companionate as the main commerce such as European Union, United States, Japan trading business volume all grows continuously.

" report " think, 2007, world economy commerce still is in outspread cycle, chinese economy will be optimized in the structure, benefit rises and energy-saving fall continue to maintain flat steady rapidder growth on the foundation of bad news, the overall environment that Chinese foreign trade develops is relatively favorable still, annual hopeful maintains rapidder growth.

(Come from: Xinhua net)