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Jilin explores corn straw to produce fuel alcohol new approach
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Limited company of alcohol of peak of front courtyard of white city of 9 new industrial groups produces per year Jilin project of alcohol of fuel of straw of 30 thousand tons of corn lays a foundation at the beginning of May 2007, it indicates the province aims at a Jilin project of energy of biology of development of raw material of the biology that be not grain, strode the one situation that has epoch-making sense.

The project of alcohol of fuel of this one straw that invests construction by company of summit of white city front courtyard, it is at present our country only uses corn straw to produce alcohol (alcohol) hi-tech project, have the product line of straw fuel alcohol with the at present biggest dimensions on international. On the technology, this enterprise is on the base that strengthens international cooperation, proper motion research and development the alcohol of corn straw fuel that has own intellectual property manufactures a technology, declaring national patent actively. According to introducing, after this project builds, can change corn straw every year 230 thousand tons, alcohol of producible straw fuel 30 thousand tons, straw feed 60 thousand tons, can produce steam through combustion straw flotsam 640 thousand tons, generate electricity 48 million kilowatt hour, year can achieve sales revenue 178 million yuan, realize gain 82 million yuan, drive local farmer year increase income many yuan 2700.

Additional all, project of extend of alcohol of 500 thousand tons of fuel amounted to afterwards 2006 postpartum, the limited company of Jilin fuel alcohol that is producer goods with corn all along is beginning raw material diversification to consider, active exploration goes " blame grain " course. Current, this company 3000 tons / year the certain and crucial technology of project of research of experiment of industrialization of alcohol of fuel of corn straw production already obtained major breakthrough, put into production of the hopeful inside 2007. In addition, with corn deep treatment is bibcock project, in order to light cooking wine essence (alcohol) the limited company of group of Ji Anxin energy that is main product, also trying with sweet alcohol of fuel of broomcorn straw production.

Raw material of Jilin province straw is rich, of the amplification as corn scale of production and benefit show, straw fuel alcohol is sure to form new industry in complete province, the commissariat straw such as corn also will become useless to be treasure from now on, become resource of important the sources of energy.

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