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Guizhou carries Xiang Andong electric power of 3 million kilowatt to alleviate S
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This the system is debugged add up to have 33 tests, plan 24 days to finish, this project will move at only course coming true to try by June, the bottom will realize dual class put into production in December. At the appointed time, the electric power of 3 million kilowatt that comes from Guizhou sends center of Guangdong power load the area in a steady stream ceaselessly, alleviate effectively the tight situation that electric power of and other places of Shenzhen, Dongguan supplies. Current, the bear using phone of Guangdong area is innovating repeatedly tall, may 29 is 39.9 million kilowatt, highest last year value is 36 million kilowatt. Dual class is cast by this year postpartum, annual but Xiang Andong power transmission 12 billion kilowatt hour.

According to diligent of president Yuan of company of southern electrified wire netting brace up introduce, expensive wide 2 projects are overall realized 70%(to be calculated by project magnitude of value) the target requirement that changes independently. Change shed a powerful person, station to debug debug with the system 100% by in just finish. Forecast make clear, henceforth 15 years, the whole nation will have mount a horse of project of 20 dc transmit electricity, these systematic investment are as high as on one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan. 浧 of Li Li of expert of our country electric power thinks, the construction of this project comes true with what change independently, strong change respect of transmit electricity of our country dc lacks the current situation of core intellectual property

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