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Wu Yi says China will make the whole world 2010 the 2nd big market
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Wu Yi says, expand inside the fundamental footing that needing is Chinese economy progress, also be the serious content of policy of Chinese classics trade. Current, chinese industrialization and town change a process to accelerate, people living standard rises, consumptive structure upgrades quickly, have the China of 1.3 billion population, having reality with potential huge home market.

She says, predict 2010, china will make the whole world that is next to the United States the 2nd big market, commodity imports the forehead to make an appointment with 1 . 2 trillion dollar, service merchandise imports the forehead to will exceed 200 billion dollar, home market dimensions approachs 5 trillion dollar.

She expresses, china still urges construction hard resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model with innovation country. These will be the global commerce associate that includes the United States inside to create giant market vacuum and rare business chance, realize commerce to create advantage basically evenly for China.

According to Chinese custom statistic, china already by the world 2000 market of the 8th big entrance is jumped litre for the world market of the 3rd big entrance, imported goods specified number to be as high as 800 billion dollar in those days 2006.

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