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The commercial bank is severe control high cost can the enterprise borrows money
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"Serial fist " hit out one after another

Since last year, get market interest drive, the high cost that our country gets keep within limits for a time can the industry rises again, present blind and outspread impetus. For high cost of keep within limits industry of can tall pollution grows too quickly, the country published a series of policy measure, in bang high cost can industrial respect hit " serial fist " .

Last year in June, national hair changes appoint allotted " about avoiding high cost can the industry is new and blind outspread announcement " , to high cost can blind dilate offers caution. Last year in September, hair change appoint released 8 high cost such as aluminous to electroanalysising, cement, iron and steel again can the policy that the industry implements differential electrovalency, in making clear these pair of industries, fall into disuse kind and restrict kind of enterprise to implement the time that increases price and standard with report, prohibit be opposite high cost can the enterprise executes favourable electrovalency.

Since this year, high cost of punish of national concerned department can policy is more concentrated:

- - in April, be aimed at high first quarter cost can the grim situation that the industry rebounds once more, hair change appoint requirement each district clears the development high cost that deregulation proper motion publishs can the favourable policy such as industrial land, taxation, electrovalency, wait for high cost to iron and steel can the industry cancels to export drawback privilege policy.

- - in May, hair change appoint, the 8 branches such as the Ministry of finance are begun national clear tall pollution high cost can the special big inspection of the industry, examination each district fulfils high cost circumstance of policy of adjusting control of industry of can tall pollution, fulfil circumstance of differential electrovalency policy to wait.

- - in June, to control high cost further can, tall pollution and exit of resource sex product, our country will begin to adjust tax rate of duty of partial merchandise imports and exports, add to 142 commodity impose export custom duty, add further to a variety of 80 steely products among them proof 5% to the export custom duty of 10% , the export custom duty of partial ferroalloy by the past 5% to 10% rise 10% to 15% .

High cost can the industry rises once more

Although was hit a series of " serial fist " , our country high cost can blind and outspread impetus does not have the industry not only keep within limits, have instead look up once more trend. Li Xiaochao of spokesman of news of national statistic bureau points out, this year first quarter, the 6 big high cost such as treatment of electric power, steely, coloured, building materials, oil, chemical industry can the industry is added on average fast 20.6% , this speed tower above dimensions industry is added fast. The output of raw material product such as 10 kinds of rolled steel, alumina, aluminous material, ferroalloy, nonferrous metal grows 26.2% respectively, 53.7% , 43% , 44.4% with 30.8% .
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