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Chinese medium and small businesses amounts to 42 million
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The country develops and Ou Xinqian of reform council vice director does 7 days in news of the State Council express on the press conference, chinese medium and small businesses is obtained fast, health and develop continuously, the contribution that increases to economy is larger and larger. "15 " during, national economy year all grow 9.5% , and company of estate of the coolie in dimensions above raises a cost year all grow 28% to control. Current, the end item that medium and small businesses creates and service value are equivalent to gross domestic product 60% the left and right sides, taxation of turn over to the higher authorities is national revenue total 50% the left and right sides.

Ou Xinqian says, medium and small businesses becomes those who enlarge obtain employment advocate channel, offerred the post of town obtain employment of 75% above. The majority that state-owned company off-duty workers, farmer is versed in realized obtain employment in medium and small businesses. In the meantime, medium and small businesses also begins to make the important medium of communication of obtain employment of graduate of a few colleges.

According to introducing, current, medium and small businesses finished China the invention patent of 65% and the new product development of 80% above. Many medium and small businesses had waited for a domain from inchoate treatment, commerce, extend to the domain such as infrastructure, new and high technology, some areas medium and small businesses formed industrial group, the optimizing that urges industrial construction ceaselessly upgrades.

Ou Xinqian says, medium and small businesses opens to the outside world the level also is rising ceaselessly. According to statistic, medium and small businesses resides things to reach in the home such as dress, textile, toy light industrial the labor such as goods is concentrated model the exit of the product holds quite large proportion; Hi-tech domain waits in technology of product of electronic communication equipment, biology, medium and small businesses exports specific gravity to also rise stage by stage.

She expresses, a few difficulty and problem also exist in development of medium and small businesses, if policy system is not perfect still; Difficult, society serves industry financing the system is diseased.

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