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American white horse is firm fast implement
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American DESCHNER Bai Ma is firm fast implement - China always acts as agent


Lever of * KINECHEK its piston by do not have a grinding form diaphragm place sealed. Unless be damaged,a bit oil also won't leak in a year otherwise.

* KINECHEK need not change regularly seal ring, because it does not have slip seal ring, won't arise so wear away the oil that reach leakage.

* is in via the test successive 10, 000, 000 make after moving, still do not have any leak.

* slip part via life-time lubrication, can use for a long time need not maintain reach maintenance.

We offer following model:

1002-31-1/2 1002-31-1 1002-31-2 1002-31-3 1001-31-1/2 1003-31-1/2 1004-31-1/2

1001-31-1 1003-31-1 1004-31-1 1001-31-2 1003-31-2 1002-31-2 1004-31-2 1001-31-3 1003-31-3 1004-31-3 5001-31-4 5003-31-4 5002-31-4 5004-31-4 5031-37-6 5033-37-6 5032-37-6 5034-37-6

Among them 1001 express to exceed fast model, 1002 show standard type, 1003 express fast model, 1004 express slow fast model

Advocate battalion product:

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Dongguan town life installs limited company of equipment of pneumatic hydraulic pressure to hold water at the beginning of 21 centuries, according to the demand of the market, be aimed at the development trend of domestic industry automation, adjust ceaselessly, perfect product structure, face the market with high-quality goods. What manage a product with its outstanding character, perfect service, be full of the price of competition ability, make the first selection product of numerous and well-known company.
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