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German ORIGA takes slideway not to have lever air cylinder
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Take slideway not to have character of lever air cylinder:

Make slideway via polishing and sclerotic steel

Apply to much to big load

High accuracy

Inside buy type is dustproof system

Buy type grease lubricates inside

Aleatoric journey can be amounted to3700mm

Piston of zincous alumina slideway, dimension and SLIDELINE and PROLINE slideway are compatible

The installation height of STL16-32 and OSP-P take SLIDELINE and PROLINE slideway to agree

The oldest rate: STL16: V=3m/ S

STL25 comes 50:V=5m/ S

Take slideway to have without series of lever air cylinder: STL16/STL25/STL32/STL40/STL50

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