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German ORIGA dynamoelectric crock
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OSP-E series:  pilfer is fierce far  finishs Ka  

Have respectively: Crock of dynamoelectric silk lever, belt of dynamoelectric silk lever extends piston lever crock, crock of dynamoelectric leather belt, crock of piston of series connection of dynamoelectric leather belt, crock of the burden of slideway of the buy inside the belt leather belt, take slideway system dynamoelectric crock

High speed, infallible sex, motion is accurate these newest technologies make OSP-E dynamoelectric and linear driver makes can general actuator. No matter be individual demand or it is industry go up special demand, dynamoelectric and steep drive all can be OSP-E whole systematic program offers a series of standardization products.

Advocate battalion product:

Pneumatic component | Oil pressure bumper | Electromagnetism a powerful person | Magnetic switch | Vacuum generator | Vacuum component | Vacuum presses power switch | Vacuum acetabulum | Air cylinder | Air cylinder current limliting implement | Enrage crock of fluid pressure boost | Without lever air cylinder | Hold back air cylinder | Nicety is firm fast implement | Bai Ma is firm fast implement | Bore head | Tap head | Dynamoelectric crock

Fosan town life installs basis of limited company of equipment of pneumatic hydraulic pressure the demand of the market, be aimed at the development trend of domestic industry automation, adjust ceaselessly, perfect product structure, face the market with high-quality goods. What manage a product with its outstanding character, perfect service, be full of the price of competition ability, make the first selection product of numerous and well-known company.

The company holds to " to be with the person for years this, the concept of outstanding character " , and will as always, offer for broad user wholeheartedly more perfect reach excellent service, greeting bearer incoming telegram / will case hang down ask!
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