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China makes labor contract law, antitrust law, national endowment way 7 years
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Wu Bangguo of chairman of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress is in 10 this afternoon 5 times the conference makes National People's Congress the 3rd times on the plenary session express when working report of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress, this year is current whole nation last years of National People's Congress and lieutenancy of its standing committee, will greet the Communist Party of China seventeen big victory is held, the task is onerous and each are arduous. He introduced the main and legislative project that scheduling discusses this year.

Want to make sure rogation submits to to discuss by the plan

These legislative projects basically have: Make labor contract law, obtain employment promote mediation of law, social insurance law, labor dispute to arbitrate compulsive law, sudden incident replies law, administration economy of law of law of the law, antitrust law, state-owned capital standard, law that prohibit toxin, illegal behavior Jiaozhi, urban and rural program, loop; Law of law of modification technology progress, procedural law of code of civil law, criminal, Food Sanitation Law, managing energy, lawyer law.

Wu Bangguo expresses, concerned respect wants according to the task, time, organization, responsibility the 4 requirements that fulfil, clutch the job, the major problem that project of legislation of serious thrash out involves, make sure rogation submits to to discuss by the plan.

Will work henceforth one year do solid had done

Wu Bangguo says, national People's Congress of current whole nation and its standing committee decided with raising legislation quality attachs most importance to the legislative target that forms jurisprudence of Chinese characteristic socialism dot, basically, established 5 years of legislative programs. Come 4 years, we adopted charter amendment, promulgate carried out oppose disrupt state law, still be made and revised explanation of more than 70 law, law and the decision about legal problem, a batch basic, be badly in need of, the legislative project with mature condition is finished in succession, legislative job gained remarkable success.

He says, the Communist Party of China 16 6 in plenary meeting puts forward clearly to want to perfect development attainder of democracy, safeguard, advance social career, perfect social security, standard the organism, law laws and regulations that strengthens the respect such as social government, this legislative to National People's Congress job raised new requirement. While we are continueing to perfect economic domain legislation, exert oneself strengthens social domain legislation, build socialistic harmony society to provide strong legal safeguard for compose, ensure implementation is current target of legislation of countrywide National People's Congress.
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