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Department of Commerce is considering actively to adjust exit drawback policy
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Bao Xi of minister of Department of Commerce comes National People's Congress of 10 whole nations expresses attend as a nonvoting delegate 5 times when conference closure, exporting the policy of drawback to adjust is a dynamic process, will want to be done along this direction henceforth, won't invariable. Want to be evaluated scientificly according to the situation of whole exit, undertake adjustment appropriately. This problem Department of Commerce is studying actively.
Change favourable balance should use comprehensive measure
There is a message to say before this, chinese government is considering will cancel and reducing the catalogue item that exports drawback to expand, include rolled steel not only, also include cement, mineral, fuel and coal kind etc, in order to control the export that China increases quickly and huge favorable balance of trade. The product that may cancel to export drawback among them includes partial rolled steel, copper, nickel to wait for product of partial cheap metal; The product that suggests to reduce exit to withdraw tax rate includes fertilizer, pottery and porcelain, technology to spin a product goods, gently to wait.
Association of Chinese iron and steel industry is standing during vice-chairman holds secretary-general Luo Bing concurrently to be born in two meetings, also express, china cancels partial rolled steel to export the policy of drawback to will come on stage very quickly. Personage of know the inside story discloses, new policy will is opposite possibly rate of drawback of exit of product of partial rolled steel falls to 5% , the exit of product of partial rolled steel that cancels to be given priority to with wire and plank at the same time withdraws tax rate, by 8% fall to 0.
Bao Xi will express, the individual feels Feburary Chinese favorable balance of trade is bigger, department of Commerce also causes the cause of this one circumstance in serious analysis at present. He points out among them a main factor is business of a few export has definite psychology to anticipate, think government already formulate the guiding principle that should reduce surplus, so afraid policy is adjusted and intensify exit. Exchange rate reform also gives many enterprises to anticipate with psychology.
For Bao Xi: "We feel more difficult also, because publish a policy now, the government sector should control give attention to two or morethings, as far as possible considerate. But time needs in the process of the consideration, a few enterprises capture this time difference to clutch exit. A few enterprises capture this time difference to clutch exit..
High to the change specified number the method of favorable balance of trade, bao Xi will also express a view: "High specified number favorable balance of trade is trade policy itself can be changed not just, because the state of imports and exports is whole economy configuration is integrated now,behave, at present China forms so tall favorable balance of trade, it is many sided element is accumulated form, also in one day can not do should change it, need adopts comprehensive measure, and need a course. And need a course..
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