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Law of enterprise income tax unscrambles: Project of energy-saving environmental
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New those who promulgate " law of enterprise income tax of People's Republic of China " regulation, the company invests in what place of field of energy-saving environmental protection makes, or the earning on project of energy-saving environmental protection, will enjoy the derate on taxation henceforth.

" law of enterprise income tax of People's Republic of China " set the 27th times, the enterprise is engaged in according with the earning of project of water of conditional environmental protection, energy-saving section, but lest ask for, decrease impose enterprise income tax.

Thirtieth returns a regulation 4 times, the enterprise purchases the investment that is used at the special device such as water of environmental protection, energy-saving section, safe production, can execute the amount of tax to be paid to touch by certain proportion avoid.

Company of Beijing Lu Zhike ability is a civilian battalion product of energy-saving environmental protection produces a business, general manager Mo Zhilu points out, although come nearly two years,the country advocates compose to build energetically managing model society, but various government and relevant section are advancing energy-saving job to go up insufficient still development. Stipulate investment of will energy-saving environmental protection and earning include taxation derate this, it is a signal to enterprise of energy-saving environmental protection, show China is driving respect of energy-saving environmental protection to had risen to legal level.

The Ministry of finance says about chief explanation, law of new enterprise income tax needs according to what national economy and society develop, draw lessons from the successful experience on international, according to " brief tax system, broad tax base, low tax rate, Yan Zheng is in charge of " requirement, favourable to active taxation policy undertakes be adjustmented appropriately.

The main principle of new revenue privilege is: Stimulative technology innovation and science and technology progress, encourage infrastructure construction, encourage agriculture development and environmental protection and energy-saving, support safe production, as a whole area develops, stimulative commonweal career and take care of weak force group to wait, economy of farther stimulative countryman is comprehensive, harmonious, can develop to progress in the round with the society continuously.

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