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Hair change appoint: Piao of Mie bring a case to court is times more thirsty oil
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National development and Ma Kai of reform committee chairman expressed recently, making policy, arrangement price of project of investment, examine and verify, government, when advancing reform chime to move all sorts of contradiction, should ground of treat equally without discrimination serves principal part of market of different system of ownership.

"Fulfil matter right law to concern a provision in the round, guarantee the equal law position of main body of of all kinds market and development right. " Ma Kai is reformed in development appoint say on the conference that learns matter right way, want to had implemented the each policy measure that encourage and supports development of economy of blame state ownership especially currently, create a more fair competition environment for main body of of all kinds market.

Ma Kai asks, processing is good uphold public interest and safeguard market principal part the relation of lawful property right, cogent fulfill good progress to reform appoint duty. Undertaking currently " go up to be pressed greatly small " , the structural adjustment that washs out backward productivity works, want to notice to handle affairs lawfully. "Clear relevant document, every has set related to matter right law abhorrent, want to be corrected as soon as possible. " he points out.

(Come from: Newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities)