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The two duty after two duty are amalgamative are amalgamative decrease 93 billio
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Yang Chongchun of chairman of institute of Wu of duty of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China is in first China that holds here 24 days (Anhui) say on forum of duty Wu height, according to Chinese duty Wu institutional task group is calculated, after carrying out tax rate of enterprise income tax of endowment of inside and outside to consolidate the new tax law that is 25 % 2008, compare with photograph of caliber of active tax law, income of Chinese enterprise income tax reduces 93 billion yuan about, among them inside endowment enterprise income tax is decreased receive about 134 billion yuan.
Yang Chongchun points out, new tax law will make state-owend enterprise, civilian look forward to greets a favorable environment that competes with fairness of foreign capital enterprise. And the industry of new and high technology that give aid to to national emphasis among them and urges development and project, offer enterprise income tax privilege, differentiate no longer area; And enlarge the special installation cost such as water of environmental protection, energy-saving, section, safe production to touch avoid the policy such as limits, will be helpful for promoting industrial structural adjustment, area to coordinate development.
To foreign capital enterprise, after duty changes, duty is lost rise somewhat. Danyang Chong Chun thinks, enterprise of foreign capital of the one share after new tax law is carried out can continue to enjoy privilege of company of new and high technology by regulation of new tax law tax rate and small-sized low tax rate of small profit company, enterprise of one share foreign capital can be enjoyed transfer period favourable policy, because this won't be right,its produce the effect with management large generation.
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