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8 kinds of products increase fluid airtight trade exit drawback rate
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2006, the Ministry of finance, development is reformed appoint, total bureau of Wu of tax of total office of Department of Commerce, customs, state issues an announcement jointly, adjust partial commodity to export drawback to lead supplementary improvement trade to prohibit kind of catalogue.

Product of IT of great technology equipment, part and biology medicine product and policy of partial nation industry encourage the high-tech product of exit to wait, exit drawback is led by 13% rise 17% ; The treatment that is raw material with produce partly is tasted, exit drawback is led by 5% or 11% rise 13% .

Drawback of machinist job exit is led by 13% rise of 17% have merchandise of 87 duty bugle call, among them: Industry of electrical engineering electric equipment 50 duty bugle call, petrifaction is general and mechanical industry 13 duty bugle call, instrument bearing industry 8 duty bugle call, industry of machine tool tool 4 duty bugle call, industry of culture office equipment 2 duty bugle call, internal-combustion engine industry 2 duty bugle call.

Mechanical foundation industry 8 duty bugle call is fluid airtight industry entirely, namely the hydraulic pressure of linear action and baric power plant (hydraulic pressure crock presses a crock compatibly) , part of plant of hydraulic pressure motor, other baric power, power plant.

The exit drawback of the main product of fluid airtight is led by active 13% rise 17% , increase 4% , be helpful for reducing the exit cost of these products, course of study of stimulative one's own profession exports the improvement of product structure and industrial structure, concerned enterprise should capture this one good luck to enlarge exit. Large quantities of rolled steel (142 duty bugle call) exit drawback rate decreases 3% with partial nonferrous metal (85 duty bugle call) exit drawback rate decreases respectively 8% , 5% with 2% , raised the exit cost of these raw material, will make among them part raw material turns into home market likely (coil like stainless steel of plank of alloy steel of profiled bar of profiled bar, angle iron, chamfer, cold rolling, hot-rolling board, steel of report of orientaton sex silicon is wide board with narrow board, pedrail board profiled bar, above all decreases, copperplate and copper pipe decrease 8% ; Aluminium board and aluminous profile decrease 2% ) , the competition of raw material of stimulative home market, lower the price of domestic raw material thereby, especially copper and rate of drawback of cupreous material exit by 13% fall 5% , exit will be affected, below the situation that the price of predicting copper and cupreous material stabilizes relatively in international market price, home market price rises situation general is restrained somewhat, be helpful for machinery be versed in the product reduces manufacturing cost related estate part, raise economic benefits.
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