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" energy law " legislative job enters the moment of truth
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National energy resources manages a vice director, " energy law " ingot of Xu of group leader of group of the expert that draft bright disclosed recently, " energy law " draft job first draft already was in the first ten days of a month will be formed this year in March, doing at present prove and revise further perfect. " energy law " ask for opinion draft to predict will this year the bottom will be formed in May, hopeful of the end of the year is finished send go over a manuscript or draft, sign up for send the State Council.

Fixed position and function are already affirmatory

Current working first draft decided already basically " energy law " the fundamental problem such as fixed position and legislative mode, set include main body of strategy of the sources of energy and program, energy government, market to open with superintend wait for 12 systems.

To this, national hair changes appoint energy resources of director, nation does director Ma Kai to express, " energy law " legislation will draw lessons from international experience, through legal method normative the sources of energy manages, answer to coordinate development with stimulative the sources of energy and economy to energy crisis. According to " energy law " Xie Rongsi of chairman of seminar of law of energy resources of society of law of assistant group leader of group of the expert that draft, China introduces, " energy law " the system regulation that aims to be changed through law comes " safeguard energy security, enhance environmental protection of the sources of energy of energy efficiency, aggrandizement " .

And the difference in the process is proved in legislation bigger " energy law " fixed position and functional problem, already reached consensus at present, namely " the fundamental sex law of energy field " , the sex of great, overall situation that will adjust energy field, omnibus and strategical problem, and one-way law did not set and the problem that also cannot solve, for instance " the alternate problem of legislation of of all kinds energy " , " the central interest with the place coordinates an issue " etc.

Commercialize reform window

According to current design, " energy law " efficiency of energy security, energy, the sources of energy and environment provide in general principles lieutenant general progress of harmonious, science and technology and innovation, energy resources is global service, market and superintendency principle and cooperate external the principle. Outside dividing responsibility of general principles, law and supplementary articles, " energy law " the end that will manage according to the government, creed, key and executive main link undertake designing.

" energy law " Professor Xiao Guoxing says the member that the expert that draft is comprised, in the swaddle that Chinese the sources of energy is in planned economy for a long time, up to now this kind of state is changed without essence. On one hand, competition of a few domains is inadequate, put in the oligopoly that administrative forestall and natural monopoly facilitate; On the other hand, a few domains are put in ruleless to compete blindly again. The sources of energy commercializes the governmental malfunction with the serious existence in reform and system to be changed infirmly.
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